Glen of Imaal Terrier Dog Names, Names For Glen Puppies

Glen of Imaal Terrier Dog NamesThe Glen of Imaal Terrier is one of four Irish terrier breeds. It is sometimes called the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier or the Wicklow Terrier, and the name of the breed is often shortened by fanciers to just Glen. Glennie is its nickname. Glens were originally used for eradicating vermin such as rat, fox, badger, and otter, and also as a general-purpose farm dog for herding and family companionship. Check out our collection of Glen of Imaal Terrier dog names for male or female Glennie puppies.

AbbyFather in rejoicingFemaleHebrew
AidanLittle fireMaleGaelic
AideenLittle FireFemaleGaelic
ArchieValuable: Bold.MaleEnglish
ArlenLand with haresMaleEnglish
BabyBabyUnisexAmerican English
BanditAn outlaw or robberUnisexEnglish
BeckDweller near the brookMaleEnglish
BellaMy God is a vowFemaleHebrew
BevinFair ladyMaleGaelic
BobbiBright fameFemaleGermanic
BobbyBright fameUnisexGermanic
BradyDescendant of BrádachUnisexGaelic
BrandyBurning wineFemaleEnglish
BridgetThe exalted oneFemaleGaelic
BrutusHeavy, slow, foolishMaleLatin

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