Pronunciation: [Bu-ddy]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Herald

Origin: English


Famous Dogs Named Buddy

Buddy: Female German Shepherd dog, was the first trained guide dog who accompanied Morris Frank, founder of The Seeing Eye guide dog school and the first owner of a seeing eye dog in the U.S.

Buddy: A female German Shepherd Dog, the first formally trained guide dog in the United States. She belonged to Morris Frank, who worked to establish The Seeing Eye, the first dog guide school in America.

Buddy: Golden Retriever dog from the film Air Bud.

Buddy: U.S. President Bill Clinton's chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Famous People Named Buddy

Buddy Holly was one of the most popular American singer-songwriters of his time.

Buddy Guy is a legendary blues guitarist and singer who have given the genre of music a new meaning.

Buddy Bolden was the founder-father of jazz.

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