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Smart Dog NamesSome breeds of dogs are very intelligent and smart, for instance Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd Dog, and Golden Retriever. Smart dogs deserve smart names. Here comes our collection of smart dog names for your clever puppies. All these names have the meaning of smart, clever, intelligent and wise, and they make perfect names for your smart male or female dogs.

AdelbertNobly brightMaleGermanic
AkeemWise or insightfulMaleArabic
AkiliWisdom, intellect, senseFemaleSwahili
AlbertNoble and famousMaleFrench
AldenOld friendMaleEnglish
AldrichOld rulerMaleGermanic
AlfieWise counselorUnisexEnglish
AlfredElf counselMaleEnglish
AloysiusFame and warMaleGermanic
AlvinFriend of elvesMaleEnglish
AlvisUncertain, possibly all wiseFemaleNorse
ArcadiaOf ArcadiaFemaleGreek
ArtPossibly bear or stoneMaleGaelic
AudricOld rulerMaleGermanic
BalthazarGod or Lord protect the kingMalePhoenician
BeowulfBee wolfUnisexGermanic
BeritThe exalted oneFemaleGaelic
BerkeleyBirch clearingMaleEnglish
BertilleClever and skilfulFemaleGermanic

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