Pronunciation: [Al-va]

Gender: Female

Meaning: Elf

Origin: Norse

Variant Forms

AllieGreatest. A Variant Of Allah - The Supreme Being In The Muslim Faith.FemaleEnglish

Famous People Named Alva

Salvador Mazza was an eminent Argentinean physician and epidemiologist.

Salvador Jorge Blanco is a famous politician and writer who belonged to the Dominican Republic.

Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter who was an advocate of surrealism.

Salvador Allende was a former president of Chile.

Salva Kiir Mayardit is the President of South Sudan.

R. A. Salvatore is a New York Times best-seller American author.

Alvar Aalto was a Finnish architect, designer, sculptor and painter.

Alva Myrdal was a Swedish politician, diplomat and sociologist, best remembered as the winner of 1982 Nobel Prize for Peace.

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