20 Tough Dog Names For Your Large Puppies

If you adopted a tough puppy, for instance German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher, you could consider choosing a tough name for him or her. A tough dog name will fit your dog's appearance and give him or her an extra edge, especially for those large breed dogs. Check out our selection of 20 unique tough dog names for boy or girl puppies.

Tough Male Dog Names

Admiral: A high rank in the navy.

Blaze: A brilliant burst of fire.
Bruno: German for brown. Also Expertly shade-grown coffee on premiere plantations in the high-altitude regions of Antigua Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.
Butch: Masculine in appearance or manner.
Diesel: German surname that derives from a pet form of Matthew or Mathias.
Duke: Latin for Leader. Duke has Western associations because it was the nickname of actor John Wayne, known for his roles in films of the American West. Duke University teams are known as the Blue Devils.
Gunner: Brave soldier.
Sarge: Officer.
Spike: A sharp-pointed piece of metal set with the point outward. The name has cool connotations.
Tank: A tank is a large type of armoured fighting vehicle with tracks, designed for front-line combat.
Trooper: A state or mounted police officer. Also a member of a cavalry unit.
Vinnie: Conquering.

Tough Female Dog Names

Harley: Made famous by the actress Harley Jane Kozak. Also the name of a great motorcycle, the Harley-Davidson.

Joan: God is gracious. Joan of Arc, nicknamed "The Maid of Orleans", is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years' War, and was canonized as a Roman Catholic saint.
Katniss: Algonquin name for the Sagittaria or "arrowhead" plant. Katniss Everdeen is the heroine of the popular Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
Medusa: Cunning. In Greek mythology, Medusa was an extremely beautiful woman who was so vain the gods decided to punish her by making her hair into live snakes.
Rebel: One that resists of defies authority.
Rogue: A dishonest, knavish person.
Ursa: Bear.
Vixen: An attractive young woman.
Xena: Greek name that means "guest." Xena is a fictional character from Robert Tapert's Xena: Warrior Princess franchise. Xena is the protagonist of the story, and the series depicts her on a quest to redeem herself for her dark past by using her formidable fighting skills to help people.

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