60 Smart Dog Names After The Most Intelligent People

Believed it or not, your new adopted puppies are smart, sometimes they will do something amazing. Smart dogs deserve smart dog names. Here we pulled together a list of 60 smart dog names for you, they are inspired by those most intelligent people in the history. They make perfect dog names for your smart, clever and intelligent puppies.

Albert: Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist.

Alcott: Author of Little Women and 270 other books.
Alex: Alexander Bell invented telephone.
Amelia: Amelia Earhart, 1st woman to fly across atlantic ocean.
Aristotle: Greek for "the best of all". Made famous by the Greek philosopher Aristotle.
Asimov: Isaac Asimov, smart science fiction author.
Bernanke: Ben Bernanke head of the fed, liberal printer of money.
Biggs: John Biggs, science writer.
Bobby: Bobby Fischer, chess genius who was rather a recluse.
Bradbury: Ray Bradbury, famous author. he'd like this smart pup choice.
Curie: Marie Curie was the first woman to win a nobel prize.
Dante: Dante Alighieri was considered one of the great poets of all time.
Darwin: Charles Darwin, developed the theory of evolution.
Dawkins: Richard Dawkins, sociobiologist.
Dell: Michael Dell, inventor of dell computers.
Dolph: Dolph Lundgren boxer in the rocky movies, IQ of 160.
Doogie: Dr. Doogie Howser, why not doogie for your doggie?
Einstein: Albert Einstein, physicist known for theory of relativity.
Faraday: Michael Faraday, physicist and all around nice guy.
Fischer: Bobby Fischer, the smartest chess player of all time.
Fleming: Alexander Fleming, invented penicillin.
Franklin: Ben Franklin, politician, and quite the ladies man.
Freud: Sigmund Freud, psychologist and one smart dude.
Galileo: After the bearded Italian physicist and astronomer.
Gates: Bill Gates, founder of microsoft, richest man in the world.
Genius: A smart dog name for the highly intelligent pup.
Hannibal: Hannibal Lechter, evil genius didn't like being restrained.
Hawk: Short for Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist.
Hillary: Hillary Rodham Clinton, secretary of state.
Holmes: Sherlock Holmes, detective. he loves spying on the cat.
Howser: Doogie Howser, m.d. howser’s a smart title for bowser.
Jobs: Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of consumer electronics company Apple Inc.
Kasparov: Garry Kasparov, a successful chess player.
Kepler: Johannes Kepler, discovered the motion of planets.
Kofi: Kofi Annan, un secretary general, peacemaker.
Leonardo: Leonardo Davinci, mathematician and inventor.

Lisa: Lisa Simpson, the smart simpson.
Ludwig: Ludwig Van Beethoven, amazing composer of music.
Monet: A founder of French Impressionist painting.
Napoleon: The Corsican soldier who became emperor of France.
Neutron: Jimmy Neutron, boy genius.
Newton: Isaac Newton, genius in optics, math, and a good cookie.
Novella: Steven Novella, smart neurologist.
Ochoa: Ellen Ochoa, us astronaut with over 500 hours in space.
Oprah: Oprah Winfrey, actress and talk show host.
Pascal: French mathematician and philosopher.
Princeton: Prestigious school, for the dog on an unlimited budget.
Quentin: Quentin Tarantino, movie director with iq of 160.
Roslin: President Laura Roslin, battlestar galactica.
Rubik: Of Rubik's cube fame, for genius pup that's hard to figure.
Salk: Jonas Salk, scientist. inventor of the polio vaccine.
Schroder: Piano smartie from the peanut cartoons.
Screech: Screech Powers, saved by the bell.
Socrates: The famous Greek philosopher.
Tesla: Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest electrical engineers.
Thatcher: Margaret Thatcher, british prime minister aka iron lady.
Urkel: Steve Urkel, brainy character from family matters.
Watson: Sherlock Holmes smart sidekick.
Witty: Having an intelligent sense of humor.
Wright: After Wright brothers, polar opposite of brother wrong.

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