Pronunciation: [A-llan]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Rock

Origin: Gaelic

Brave and spirited.

Variant Forms


Famous People Named Allan

Gary Allan is an American country music artist.

Edgar Allan Poe was a famous American poet known for writing poems and stories based on Gothic themes.

Allan Sherman was the creator of the famous compilation of parodies ‘My Son, the Folk Singer’, ‘My Son, the Celebrity’ and ‘My Son, the Nut’.

Allan Pinkerton was a Scottish-American detective who founded the ‘Pinkerton National Detective Agency’.

Allan Dwan was a writer, director, producer belonging to the era of silent films.

Allan Cunningham was a renowned Scottish author and poet.

Allan Carr is an award winning producer of noted movies such as ‘Grease’ and various Broadway musicals.

Allan Bloom was widely known for his critique of American Universities, in failing to serve the fundamental needs of their students.

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