100 Strong Dog Names For Your Energetic Puppies

Mighty puppies deserve strong dog names. If you adopt an energetic puppy, you have to consider a strong name for him or her. Here comes our selection of 100 strong dog names for your boy or girl puppies. These names have the meaning of strong, brave, friendly, great, warrior, fighter, helpful in various origins and cultures, and they make good names for your beloved canines.

Ackerley: A very strong name symbolizes strength and solidity, the name Ackerley means "garden of oak trees."

Addison: Biblical name that means "Adam's child."
Adney: On a noble's island.
Aiken: Strong name that means "made from oak trees."
Aiman: Brave.
Ainsley: From the awe inspiring one's meadow.
Akin: Perfect for your brave boy.
Alcott: Old school name that means "from the old cottage."
Alden: Old friend.
Aldwin: A common name in the Middle Ages that means "old friend."
Alexavier: Protector of the home.
Alif: Friendly.
Alister: Protector of mankind.
Almond: Noble protector.
Angus: Unnaturally strong.
Arch: Genuine, bold, brave.
Arden: High and soaring.
Barak: Blessing.
Barrett: Classic German name that means "brave as a bear."
Boone: Good; a blessing.
Cade: Spirit of the battle.
Cadmael: War chieftain.
Cadman: Warrior.
Cael: Slender.
Cairo: The capital city of Egypt.
Caius: Joyful.
Calahan: Strife.
Cale: Brave.
Caleb: Faithful.
Calhoun: Fighter.
Callan: Battle, rock.
Calvin: Bald, hairless.
Canute: Knot.
Carl: Man.
Carlin: Little champion.
Cody: Helpful.
Dakota: Friend.
Eddie: Protector.
Edgar: Fortunate and powerful.
Eldridge: Wise ruler.
Ellery: Joyful, happy.
Fallon: Leader.
Fane: Good-natured.
Farrell: Irish name that means "brave man."
Frederick: Peaceful ruler.
Fritz: Peaceful ruler.
Gallagher: Gaelic name that means "eager helper."
Guy: Leader.
Harding: Son of the courageous one.
Ian: The Gaelic form of the name John.
Kahil: Friendly.
Lakely: Meadow lake.
Landon: Long hill.
Landry: Powerful ruler.
Lange: Long.
Laquan: The quiet one.
Lenny: Brave.

Mack: The son.
Mackenna: Son of Kenneth.
Madden: Smalldog Milos.
Maddox: Fortunate person.
Magnus: Greatest.
Major: Greater.
Malach: Messenger, perfect name for your little angel.
Malik: Master.
Maloney: Devoted to God.
Manford: Protector.
Mazi: Helpful.
Miles: Soldier.
Paige: Young servant.
Palmer: One who holds a palm.
Radcliff: From the red cliff.
Rafael: God has healed.
Raiden: The god of thunder and lightning.
Raif: Forgiving; sympathetic.
Raleigh: From the roe deer meadow.
Ralph: Wolf-counsel.
Ramon: Protecting hands.
Randall: Shield-wolf.
Reilly: Courageous, valiant.
Richmond: Strong protector.
Sage: Wise one.
Salem: Peace.
Sam: Bright sun.
Samson: Sun.
Shiloh: The one to whom it belongs.
Tad: Gift given by God.
Tait: Cheerful.
Tanner: Worker in leather.
Truman: Loyal one.
Val: Strong; healthy.
Valentino: Brave or strong.
Wade: Ford.
Walden: Strong fighter.
Walker: Cloth-walker.
Warrick: Fortress.
Wyatt: Brave.
Yardley: From the enclosed meadow.
York: Yew tree.
Zack: Laughter.

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