61 Dog Names Meaning Strong and Powerful

There are many dog breeds that are strong, large, and powerful, for instance German Shepherd, Great Dane, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dog. These strong dogs deserve suitable dog names that match the size and strength. Here comes a list of 61 strong dog names that mean strong and powerful.

Aitan: Strong.

Alaina: Rock.
Alan: Celtic for "harmony, stone, or noble."
Alana: Rock.
Alanna: Rock.
Alannah: Rock.
Alayna: Rock.
Allan: Brave and spirited.
Allen: Rock.
Arana: Rock.
Arnaldo: Powerful eagle.
Arnaud: Powerful eagle.
Arnie: Powerful eagle.
Arnold: Powerful eagle.
Balin: Powerful, strong.
Bat: Strong.
Brayan: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Brea: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Breana: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Breanna: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Breanne: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Breonna: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Bria: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Brian: Noble.
Briana: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Brianna: Strong.
Brianne: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Brionna: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Bryan: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Bryana: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Bryanna: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Bryant: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Eitan: Strong, firm, impetuous.
Etan: Strong, firm, impetuous.
Etana: Strong.
Ethan: Hebrew for "firmness, long-lived."
Ethen: Strong, firm, impetuous.

Evereth: German male name meaning "strong as a wild boar."
Garrison: Strong.
Ishi: Rock, stone.
Leo: Latin for lion.
Leon: Greek variation of Leo meaning lion.
Leonard: Strong as the lion.
Leonardo: Strong as the lion.
Mathilda: Powerful battler.
Mathilde: Powerful battler.
Matilda: Old German for "mighty in battle".
Matilde: German for Powerful Fighter.
Mattie: Powerful battler.
Maud: Powerful battler.
Osbaldo: Divine power.
Osvaldo: Divine power.
Oswald: God of the Forest.
Oswaldo: Divine power.
Ricardo: Strong power.
Richard: German for "powerful ruler."
Rick: Strong power.
Rickey: Strong power.
Ricky: Strong power.
Rico: Germanic for Strong Power.
Sela: Rock.

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