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Manchester Terrier Dog NamesThe Manchester Terrier is a breed of dog of the smooth-haired terrier type. They are smooth haired, long tapering nose, narrow flat skull, eyes small and bright, chest rather deep than wide, only true color black and tan. In North America, the Manchester terrier is divided into two varieties: the Manchester terrier and the toy Manchester terrier, they have the same overall appearance. Manchester terriers are considered by most to be the oldest of all identifiable terrier breeds, finding mention in works dating from as early as the 16th Century. Check out our collection of Manchester Terrier dog names for male or female puppies.

AddisonSon of AdamMaleEnglish
AndrewMan, warriorMaleGreek
AndyMan, warriorMaleGreek
ArcadiaOf ArcadiaFemaleGreek
ArdenLofty. Eager.FemaleEnglish
ArthurPossibly bear or stoneMaleGaelic
BabeBabyUnisexAmerican English
BanditAn outlaw or robberUnisexEnglish
BenjaminSon of my right handMaleHebrew
BernardBear braveMaleGermanic
BrianNoble, strong, virtuousMaleGaelic
BurgessTown citizenMaleEnglish
CampbellCrooked mouthMaleGaelic
CarolineFree manFemaleGerman
CharlesFree manMaleGermanic
ChrisBearer of ChristUnisexGreek
DamianTo tameMaleGreek
DanielGod is my judgeMaleHebrew

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