Pronunciation: [Bri-an]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Noble, strong, virtuous

Origin: Gaelic


Variant Forms

BryanNoble, strong, virtuousMaleGaelic
BryantNoble, strong, virtuousMaleGaelic
BryonPopular Variant Of Brian.MaleEnglish

Famous Dogs Named Brian

New Brian: A minor character Border Collie in the animation Family Guy, who intended to replace Brian in the episode "The Man with Two Brians".

Brian: A dog from the animation Family Guy, a member of the Griffin family.

Famous People Named Brian

Brian Williams is an award winning television anchor and the managing editor of ‘NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams’.

Brian McKnight is one of the most iconic and prolific adult contemporary R&B artists.

Brian May is a legendary and prolific guitarist from the famous rock band ‘Queen’.

Brian Eno is one of the founders of ambient music.

Brian Austin Green is a popular actor of the ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ fame.

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