Pronunciation: [Brown]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Brown

Origin: English

The color of dark wood or rich soil. The Irish Brown families are most commonly found in the province of Connacht. The name was probably given in reference to brown hair or eyes.

Famous Dogs Named Brown

Brown Dog: Killed after vivisection in February 1903. A memorial statue provoked riots.

Brown: A Labrador, loyal and able to track what Jennifer needs dog in the PlayStation 2 game Rule of rose.

Famous People Named Brown

Scott Brown is a prominent American lawyer and politician and served as the US senator from Massachusetts.

Sarah Jane Brown is a businesswoman, philanthropist, author and the wife of former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Robert Browning was a famous English poet and playwright known for his dramatic verses.

Paul Brown was a prominent American football coach.

Marjorie Lee Browne was an eminent African-American mathematician & educator.

Jessica Brown Findlay is a popular British actress, famous for her role in TV series ‘Downtown Abbey’ and comedy-drama film ‘Albatross’.

James Brown was an American musician and recording artist regarded as ‘The Godfather of Soul’.

Jackson Browne is an acclaimed American musician, songwriter and environmental activist.

Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; he succeeded Tony Blair.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a prominent American Poet.

Dan Brown is one of the most acknowledged thriller fiction writers of the age, his book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ being one of the bestsellers.

Christopher Maurice Brown is a Grammy Award winning R&B performer.

Charles Brown was a renowned American blues singer who had a major influence on the development of blues music during the 1940s and 1950s.

Bobby Brown is an American R&B singer-songwriter.

Alton Brown is a famous American TV personality, reality television star, celebrity chef, actor and author.

Aaron Brown is the man who covered the 9/11 terrorist attacks in US.

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