Anatolian Shepherd Dog Names, Names For Karabas or Kangal Dogs

Anatolian Shepherd Dog NamesThe Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a breed of dog which originated in Anatolia of central Turkey. The breed is rugged, large and very strong with superior sight and hearing allowing it to protect livestock. It is able to run down a predator with great efficiency for its high speed and agility. Other names of Anatolian Shepherd Dog including Karabas, Anatolian Blackhead, Anatolian karabas and Kangal.

AbbyFather in rejoicingFemaleHebrew
AliceNoble kindFemaleGermanic
AnnabellaEasy to loveFemaleLatin
AshleyAsh woodFemaleEnglish
AvaVariant Of Medieval Given Names Avis And AvelineFemaleGermanic
AviMy fatherUnisexHebrew
BabyBabyUnisexAmerican English
BanditAn outlaw or robberUnisexEnglish
BarneySon of consolationMaleHebrew
BearLarge mammal with large head, bulky body and coarse thick furUnisexEnglish
BeatriceVoyager through lifeFemaleLatin
BellaMy God is a vowFemaleHebrew
BenjaminSon of my right handMaleHebrew
BobBright fameMaleGermanic
BobbiBright fameFemaleGermanic
BobbyBright fameUnisexGermanic
BrandonBroom hillMaleEnglish
BrandyBurning wineFemaleEnglish

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