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DhavalWhite, pure whiteMaleSanskrit
DiamondPrecious gemstoneUnisexEnglish
DiceMyth Name (Justice)UnisexEnglish
DoctorSomeone of the medical professionMaleEnglish
DominoSmall, rectangular black and white blocks used in the game of dominos.UnisexEnglish
DonnellWorld ruleMaleGaelic
DonnieWorld ruleMaleGaelic
DonovanDark chieftainMaleGaelic
DouglassFrom The Dark River. The Scottish Douglas Clan Had Two Historical Branches: (Black Douglases And Red Douglases.) The Lords Of These Clans Figure In Sir Walter Scott's Novels.MaleEnglish
DustinThor's stoneUnisexNorse
DustyThor's stoneUnisexNorse
DwightMountain of ZeusMaleEnglish
EastonRiver settlementMaleEnglish
ElginNoble: White.MaleEnglish
EllisonMy god is the lordMaleHebrew
ElmerNoble and famousMaleGermanic
ElodieUncertain, probably certain of wealthFemaleGermanic
ElviraUncertain, possibly noble guardianFemaleGermanic
ElvisMeaning unknownMaleEnglish
ElwynFriend of elvesFemaleEnglish
ErwinUncertain, possibly friend of the armyMaleGermanic

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