20 Black And White Dog Names For Your Border Collies

The border collie is the most intelligent dog breed of the world, and it is energetic with most commonly a black and white coat. When coming up to border collie dog names, you could choose some black and white dog names for your boy or girl puppies. Here comes our selection of 20 black and white dog names, and these names are inspired from those black and white animals, food, cars, or other characters. They make perfect names for your little border collies.

Badger: Badgers have black faces with distinctive white markings, grey bodies with a light-coloured stripe from head to tail, and dark legs with light coloured underbellies.

Bowtie: Perfect for an all black dog with a splash of white under its chin, or vice versa.
Cookie: Black and white cookie can be found almost every bakery in New York City.
Cruiser: American police cruisers are black and white.
Dice: A standard dice is white with black dots on sides.
Domino: Domino is also black and white, perfect for those dogs with only few spots on the body.
Eightball: Popular dog name for black and white dogs or just black dogs.
Holstein: Holstein was a high-producing, black-and-white dairy cow.
Magpie: Magpies are birds of the corvidae family, they are usually black and white.
Minnie: Minnie mouse of Disney is black and white.
Orca: The killer whale is also referred to as orca. A typical killer whale distinctively bears a black back, white chest and sides, and a white patch above and behind the eye.
Oreo: Oreo is a sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling in between, so it is black and white.
Panda: Panda bears are black and white.
Penguin: Penguins have black backs and wings with white fronts.
Puffin: All puffin species have predominantly black or black and white plumage, a stocky build, and large beaks.

Socks: If your dog has feet of different colors, it seems he or she is wearing socks.
Tux: Tux is short for Tuxedo. It is a cute and elegant name for black and white male dog.
Tuxedo: You can simply use Tuxedo as the name for a black and white dog, it's cool.
Tuxie: Tuxie is another variant of Tuxedo, it is a cute girly name for a female black and white dog.
Zorro: The typical image of Zorro is a dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defends the commoners and indigenous peoples of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains.

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