Toy Dog Names, Toy Male or Female Dog Names

Toy Dog Names
Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and Poodles are favorited breed dogs among the ladies, because they are adorable, elegant and playful. Some dog owners like to give their dogs human names, some dog owners may name their dog according to colors and markings. Choosing just the right name for your dog is one of the most fun parts of bringing home a new puppy, just check out the below list and get the name for your toy dog.

AbbyFather in rejoicingFemaleHebrew
BabyBabyUnisexAmerican English
BambiLittle girlFemaleItalian
BanditAn outlaw or robberUnisex
BarneySon of consolationMaleHebrew
BoboOn tuesday bornUnisexAfrican
BubblesThin spherical liquid filled with gas. Irrepressible activity.Unisex
ButtercupA bright yellow flowered plant. Also a term of endearment.Unisex
CaramelA smooth chewy candyUnisex
CheerioBrand of breakfast cerealUnisex
CookieA small flat, crisp cakeUnisex
CricketA leaping insectUnisex
CuddlesTo nestle or snuggle.Unisex
DaisyDay's eyeFemaleEnglish
DinkyDog on National Lampoon's VacationUnisex
FeatherSvelteUnisexNative American
FlowerA bloomFemaleEnglish
FoxyResembling a fox. Slang for sexyUnisex

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