29 Famous Maltese Dog Names Owned By Celebrities

The Maltese is a small breed of dog in the Toy Group, they are very popular among celebrities. It's very interesting to know which celebrity owned the Maltese dog and what's the name. If you also own a Maltese puppy and you are looking for an unusual name for him or her, you could take a look at these celebrity Maltese dogs and get some ideas for your own Maltese dog name.

Babs: Barbara Striesand's Maltese.

Blondie: Ashely Tisdale's Maltese.
Boo: Tony Bennett's Maltese.
Charmin: One of Liberace's Malteses.
Chi: Hiroshi Abe's Maltese.
Chloe: Maltese owned by Torrie Wilson, the famous WWE wrestling star and TV personality.
Chole: Adorable Maltese owned by Lindsay Lohan.
Cujo: Bryant Gumbel's Maltese.
Daisy: Jessica Simpson's Maltese.
Doloras: Tallulah Bankhead's Maltese.
Foxhugh: Elvis Presley's Maltese.
Gidget: Macy Cruthird's Maltese.
Harley: Heather Locklear has a beautiful male Maltese dog. We would assume, named after the famous motorcycle.
Issa: Publius's Maltese.
Jinxie: Famous Maltese owned by Eva Longoria.
Lacey: Britney Spear's Maltese dog.
Leah: One of Liberace's Malteses.
Little willie: Male Maltese owned by Halle Berry.

Louise: Ross Mathews's Maltese.
Maddie: Kristin Chenoweth's Maltese.
Mafia honey: Marilyn Monroe's Maltese.
Marilyn: Lovely Maltese owned by Anna Nicole Smith, named after Marilyn Monroe.
Miss polly: Female Maltese owned by Halle Berry.
Pinky: Owned by TV personality Star Jones.
Roxie: Jennie Garth's Maltese.
Solo: One of Liberace's Malteses.
Sugar: Elizabeth Taylor had a Maltese named Sugar.
Sweetie pie: Maltese owned by Starlet Marie "Star" Jones.
Trouble: Leona Helmsley's Maltese dog is one of the richest dogs.

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