Male Dog Names Meaning Little or Small

Many of the dog breeds are small, for instance Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Pugs, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Miniature Poodle, and Papillons. Small dogs deserve small dog names, and it is a cool idea to select a dog name that means small or little. Check out our collection for over 100 male dog names meaning little or small in various origins.

Abban: Means "little abbot" in Celtic or Irish.

Arno: Means "little eagle" in French.
Attila: Means "little father" in History, Hungarian.
Babak: Means "little father" in Persian, Iranian.
Banain: Means "little blonde one" in Gaelic.
Barran: Means "little top" in Irish.
Bassett: Means "little person" in Old English.
Beagan: Means "small one" in Irish or Gaelic.
Bennett: Means "little blessed one" in Latin.
Boris: Means "small" in Russian.
Brendan: Means "little raven" in Latin.
Brennan: Means "little drop" in Irish.
Caligula: Means "little boot" in History.
Carlin: Means "little champion" in Irish or Gaelic.
Cerin: Means "little dark one" in Gaelic.
Chiumbo: Means "small" in Mwera, African.
Ciardubhan: Means "little black one" in Gaelic.
Ciqala: Means "little one" in Dakota.
Claudius: Means "little lame one" in Latin.
Colman: Means "little dove" in Columbian.
Cordell: Means "small rope" in French.
Coty: Means "small slope" in French.
Crofton: Means "town with a small enclosed field" in English.
Cuan: Means "little wolf, little hound" in Irish.
Dalziel: Means "the small field" in Scottish or Gaelic.
Dell: Means "small valley" in Old English.
Devin: Means "fawn or little black one" in Irish.
Dinky: Means "tiny, little" in English.
Dino: Means "little sword" in Greek.
Donovan: Means "little brown" in Irish.
Duane: Means "little and dark" in Irish or Gaelic.
Dwayne: Means "little and dark" in Irish or Gaelic.
Egan: Means "little fire" in Gaelic.
Fabron: Means "a little blacksmith" in French.
Fagan: Means "little ardent one" in Irish or Gaelic.
Faolan: Means "little wolf" in Irish or Gaelic.
Fechin: Means "little raven" in Irish.
Fishel: Means "little fish" in Yiddish.
Gair: Means "small one" in Irish or Gaelic.
Galeno: Means "little bright one" in Spanish.
Gavin: Means "little hawk" in Welsh.
Giles: Means "small goat" in Greek.
Girvin: Means "small rough one" in Irish or Gaelic.
Goban: Means "little smith" in Irish.
Gorman: Means "small blue-eyed one" in Irish or Gaelic.
Guljul: Means "little bell" in Old English.
Hackett: Means "little hacker" in German.
Hahkethomemah: Means "little robe" in Cheyenne.
Hakatan: Means "little one" in Hebrew.
Hamlet: Means "from the little home" in German.
Hamlin: Means "the home-lover" in French.
Hampton: Means "little town" in English.
Hewitt: Means "little intelligent one" in Old French.
Honiahaka: Means "little wolf" in Cheyenne.
Iven: Means "little archer" in French.
Jaafar: Means "small stream" in Arabic.
Joktan: Means "small" in Biblical Hebrew.
Jubal: Means "small stream" in Biblical Hebrew.
Junayd: Means "small army, small caravan" in Arabic.
Kane: Means "little battler" in Gaelic.
Katan: Means "small" in Hebrew.
Keegan: Means "small flame, ardent" in Irish or Gaelic.
Keelan: Means "little and slender; small and slim" in Irish or Gaelic.
Keller: Means "little champion" in Gaelic.
Kern: Means "little dark one" in Gaelic.
Khatiti: Means "tiny, little" in Kenyan.

Kieran: Means "small and dark-skinned" in Gaelic.
Kiernan: Means "little dark haired one" in Irish.
Killian: Means "small and fierce" in Irish or Gaelic.
Kotek: Means "little cat" in Polish.
Kuckunniwi: Means "little wolf" in Cheyenne.
Leib: Means "little lion" in Yiddish.
Lennon: Means "little cape" in Gaelic.
Logan: Means "from the little hollow" in Gaelic.
Loman: Means "small bare one" in Irish, Gaelic.
Lorcan: Means "little wild one" in Irish, Gaelic.
Mainchin: Means "little monk" in Irish.
Malin: Means "little warrior" in Old English.
Mannix: Means "little monk" in Irish, Gaelic.
Marlon: Means "little falcon" in French.
Marmion: Means "small one" in French.
Maslin: Means "little Thomas" in French.
Mellen: Means "small pleasant one" in Irish, Gaelic.
Miki: Means "little" in Inupiaq.
Munchin: Means "little monk" in Irish, Gaelic.
Nevan: Means "little saint" in Irish.
Nizar: Means "to be little" in Arabic.
Oisin: Means "little deer" in Irish.
Orson: Means "little bear" in French.
Pablo: Means "small" in Latin.
Parkin: Means "little rock" in Old English.
Paulino: Means "little" in Portuguese.
Poul: Means "little" in Danish.
Renny: Means "small, but mighty" in Gaelic
Robin: Means "a small, tame bird" in Teutonic.
Ronan: Means "little seal" in Irish.
Rordan: Means "little poet king" in Irish Gaelic.
Roslin: Means "little red-head" in Scottish, Gaelic.
Rowan: Means "little red-head" in Gaelic.
Russell: Means "little red one" in English.
Ryan: Means "little king" in Celtic.
Ryanne: Means "little king" in Gaelic.
Scanlon: Means "little trapper" in Irish or Gaelic.
Seanan: Means "little wise person" in Irish.
Searlait: Means "petite" in French.
Shanley: Means "small and ancient" in Irish or Gaelic.
Sindri: Means "small, trivial" in Old Norse.
Sterling: Means "little star" in Middle English.
Sullivan: Means "little dark eye" in English.
Sweeney: Means "small hero" in Irish or Gaelic.
Teagan: Means "little poet" in Irish.
Tino: Means "small" in Italian.
Tomkin: Means "little, small Tom" in Old English.
Tomlin: Means "little twin" in Old English.
Tonraq: Means "a tiny man" in Inuit.
Torrence: Means "little hills" in Irish or Gaelic.
Vachel: Means "little cow" in French.
Vaughan: Means "small" in Celtic.
Whitfield: Means "from the small field" in English.
Whitley: Means "small field" in Anglo-Saxon.

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