Female Dog Names Meaning Little or Small

Many of the dog breeds are small, for instance Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Pugs, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Miniature Poodle, and Papillons. Small dogs deserve small dog names, and it is a cool idea to select a dog name that means small or little. Check out our collection for over 100 female dog names meaning little or small in various origins.

Adan: Means "little fire" in Irish.

Adeen: Means "little fire" in Irish.
Adva: Means "small wave" in Hebrew.
Aednat: Means "little fire" in Irish.
Ahana: Means "from the little ford" in Irish.
Aiko: Means "little love" in Japanese.
Aithne: Means "little fire" in Celtic.
Aleda: Means "small, winged" in Spanish.
Alida: Means "small, winged" in Latin.
Allison: Means "little" in Irish Gaelic.
Armida: Means "little armed one" in Latin.
Amorette: Means "little love" in French.
Angeletta: Means "little angel" in French.
Anima: Means "minuteness" in Sanskrit.
Anneke: Means "little Ann" in Scandinavian.
Armida: Means "little armed one" in Latin.
Ayashe: Means "little one" in Cheyenne.
Ayita: Means "little one" in Sioux.
Balbina: Means "little stutterer" in Latin.
Bambi: Means "little child" in Italian.
Barran: Means "little top" in Irish.
Belita: Means "little beauty" in Spanish.
Berry: Means "small fruit" in English.
Bonita: Means "pretty little one" in Spanish.
Brenna: Means "little tears" in Irish or Gaelic.
Brooke: Means "small stream" in Old English.
Brunella: Means "little one with brown hair" in Old French.
Bryony: Means "vine with small blossoms" in Greek.
Brynn: Means "small hill" in Welsh.
Bunny: Means "little rabbit" in English.
Callula: Means "small" in Latin.
Cantara: Means "little bridge" in Arabic.
Capeka: Means "little stork" in Czech.
Carina: Means "dear little one" in Latin.
Carlin: Means "little champion" in Gaelic.
Carlotta: Means "petite, feminine" in French.
Carly: Means "little, womanly" in Latin.
Carolena: Means "little, womanly" in Italian.
Cashlin: Means "little castle" in Irish.
Charla: Means "petite, feminine unknown
Charlene: Means "small beauty" in French.
Charlotte: Means "petite, feminine" in French.
Charmian: Means "a little joy" in Greek.
Cheche: Means "small thing" in African.
Chica: Means "little girl" in Spanish.
Chiquita: Means "the little one" in Spanish.
Chiumo: Means "small" in Mwera.
Cihuaton: Means "little woman" in Nahuatl.
Cinderella: Means "little ashes" in Literature.
Ciquala: Means "little one" in Dakota.
Clarice: Means "the little brilliant one" in French or Latin.
Codruta: Means "little girl from the woods" in Romanian.
Coral: Means "small stone" in Latin.
Coralie: Means "little maiden, womanly" in French.
Corette: Means "little maiden" in French.
Cosette: Means "little pet" in French.
Courtney: Means "short nose" in English.
Crofton: Means "town with a small enclosed field" in Old English.
Damita: Means "little princess" in Spanish.
Darlene: Means "little darling" in English.
Darra: Means "small great one" in Gaelic or Farsi.
Davina: Means "little deer" in Hebrew.
Demi: Means "half, small" in French.
Devika: Means "little goddess" in Sanskrit.
Devin: Means "little black one" in English, Irish.
Eerin: Means "small grey owl" in Aboriginal.
Elita: Means "the little winged one" in Old French.
Elitsa: Means "small pine tree" in Slavic.
Ellette: Means "little elf" in Anglo-Saxon.
Enya: Means "little fire" in Irish.
Eshne: Means "little fire" in Irish Gaelic.
Fayette: Means "little fairy" in Old French.
Fiametta: Means "little fiery one" in Italian.
Fleurette: Means "little flower" in French.
Gretchen: Means "little pearl" in German.
Halette: Means "little Hal" in French.
Hansika: Means "small swan" in Hindu.
Heide: Means "little Miss" in German or Swiss.
Isleta: Means "little island" in Spanish.
Izellah: Means "little princessunknown
Jaala: Means "little doe or goat" in Biblical.
Jacquenette: Means "little Jacques" in French.
Janelle: Means "little Jane" in French.
Jemima: Means "little dove" in Hebrew.
Jenna: Means "little bird" in Arabic.
Jicarilla: Means "little basket weaver" in Spanish.
Jonina: Means "little dove" in Israeli.
Kabibe: Means "little lady" in African.
Kanara: Means "little bird" in Hebrew.
Kanene: Means "a little thing in the eye is big" in African.
Karina: Means "dear little one" in Scandinavian.
Kataniya: Means "small" in Hebrew.
Kaya: Means "little" in American Indian.
Keaira: Means "little dark one" in Celtic or Gaelic.
Khatiti: Means "tiny, little" in Kenya.

Kiara: Means "small, dark" in Celtic or Gaelic.
Kibibi: Means "little lady" in Swahili.
Kierna: Means "little dark haired one" in Irish.
Kitty: Means "little cat" in Greek.
Koemi: Means "little smile" in Japanese.
Kohana: Means "little flower" in Japanese.
Lassie: Means "little girl" in Middle English.
Logan: Means "little hollow" in Scottish Gaelic.
Lovette: Means "little loved one" in English.
Lucita: Means "little light" in Spanish.
Luminita: Means "little light" in Romanian.
Lunetta: Means "little moon" in Italian.
Luvena: Means "little beloved one" in English.
Maleah: Means "unique little girl" in Hawaiian.
Manjusha: Means "small box" in Indian.
Manya: Means "small" in Aboriginal.
Miette: Means "small sweet thing" in Spanish.
Miki: Means "small" in Inupiaq.
Mora: Means "little sweet berry, little blueberry" in Spanish.
Nina: Means "little girl" in Spanish or Hebrew.
Oda: Means "small pointed spear" in Norse.
Odelia: Means "little, wealthy one" in Anglo-Saxon.
Ondine: Means "little wave" in Latin.
Pabla: Means "little" in Spanish.
Paget: Means "little page" in English.
Paharita: Means "little bird" in Chamoru.
Paliki: Means "little" in Hungarian.
Paola: Means "little" in Italian.
Paula: Means "petite" in Latin.
Paulette: Means "small" in Latin.
Paulina: Means "small" in Latin.
Paulita: Means "little" in Spanish.
Pavla: Means "little" in Ukrainian.
Pebbles: Means "small rocks" in English.
Piera: Means "small rock" in Italian.
Posy: Means "small flower" in English.
Prunella: Means "little plum" in Latin or French.
Rochelle: Means "little rock" in French.
Rosetta: Means "little rose" in Italian.
Rosine: Means "little rose" in Latin.
Rubetta: Means "little precious jewel" in Latin.
Sagira: Means "little one" in Egyptian.
Sayuri: Means "small lily" in Japanese.
Shanna: Means "small and wise" in Irish.
Sheshebens: Means "small duck" in Cheyenne.
Shysie: Means "silent little one" in Native American.
Serpa: Means "small piece, fragment" in Finnish.
Solita: Means "little loner" in Spanish.
Suelita: Means "little lily" in Spanish.
Talitha: Means "little girl or maiden" in Aramaic.
Tawnie: Means "little one" in English.
Teagan: Means "little poet" in Irish.
Topsy: Name of the little slave girl in Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Trinetta: Means "little innocent" in French.
Tulla: Means "a little hill" in Irish.
Tulliola: Means "little quiet one" in Latin.
Tully: Means "little hill" in Latin.
Umayma: Means "little mother" in Egyptian.
Ursula: Means "little she-bear" in Scandinavian.
Vibeke: Means "little woman" in Danish.
Viveca: Means "little woman" in Scandinavian.
Viveka: Means "little woman" in German, Swedish.
Weema: Means "small" in Aboriginal.
Wenche: Means "little girl" in German.
Whitley: Means "a small field" in Old English.
Xiaoli: Means "small and beautiful" in Chinese.
Yazhi: Means "little one" in Navajo.
Yoninah: Means "little dove" in Nahuatl.
Yves: Means "little archer" in French.
Zelenka: Means "little green one" in Czechoslovakian.
Zita: Means "little girl" in Tuscan Italian.

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