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Sled Dog NamesSled dogs were important for transportation in arctic areas, hauling supplies in areas that were inaccessible by other methods. A mixed heritage gives sled dogs their love of running, a desire to work, and a need for wild places. They were used with varying success in the explorations of both poles, as well as during the Alaskan gold rush. Sled dog breeds include Alaskan Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Chinook, Greenland Dog, Samoyed, and Siberian Husky. If you adopt one of these breeds, you could consider giving him or her a sled dog name. The most famous sled dog names are Togo and Balto, who are the heroes of 1925 serum run to Nome. Check out our complete list of sled dog names for more good options.

AlaskaGreat landUnisexEnglish
AlpineFrom The AlpsBothAmerican
ArgylePlace of the GaelsMaleGaelic
AspenAspen treeFemaleEnglish
BaltoBaal protect the kingBothBabylonian
BearLarge mammal with large head, bulky body and coarse thick furUnisexEnglish
BellaMy God is a vowFemaleHebrew
BlizzardViolent snowstormUnisexEnglish
CoconutEdible white flesh of the coconut palm tree.UnisexEnglish
CometA celestial bodyUnisexEnglish
CuddlesTo nestle or snuggle.UnisexEnglish
DandyAn elegant man.UnisexEnglish
DenaliThe great oneFemaleNative American
DestinyDestiny, fateFemaleEnglish
DiggerOne that digs.UnisexEnglish
DouglasBlack waterMaleGaelic
ElissaMy God is a vowFemaleHebrew

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