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Serbian Dog NamesThere are several dog breeds originating in Serbia, for instance Serbian Hound, Sarplaninac, Serbian Tricolour Hound, and Montenegrin Mountain Hound. If you adopt a Siberia dog, you could consider choosing a Siberian name to honor his or her Serbian heritage. Serbia is a small country with many tribes and a rich tradition, Serbian language sounds unique, and it is a recognized minority language in Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Check out our collection of Serbian dog names for your male or female canines.

AndreaMan, warriorUnisexGreek
AnjaFavor, graceFemaleRussian
BorisBattle, fightMaleSlavonic
BrankaDefending or protecting gloryFemaleSlovak
BrankoProtected GloryMaleCzechoslovakian
DanicaMorning starFemaleSlavonic
HelenaWicker, reed, shootFemaleGreek
IgorWarrior archerMaleNorse
IvanRussian variation of John, means "God is gracious"MaleRussian
JelaFather suffered during birth of sonUnisexAfrican
JelenaBright, shining oneFemaleGreek
JoakimGod will establishMaleHebrew
JovanGod is graciousMaleHebrew
KristinaFollower of ChristFemaleLatin
LukaMan from LucaniaUnisexGreek
MagdalenaOf MagdalaFemaleHebrew
MalinaOf MagdalaFemaleHebrew
MarinFrom the god MarsUnisexLatin
MarinaFrom the god MarsFemaleLatin
MikaBeautiful smellFemaleJapanese

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