Pronunciation: [Da-vid]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Beloved

Origin: Hebrew


Variant Forms


Famous People Named David

Nicol David is a Malaysian female professional squash player who became the first Asian to be ranked world number one in women’s squash.

Larry David is a famous American actor, writer and television producer.

Keith David is a well-known American film and TV actor.

Jacques-Louis David was an eminent French painter belonging to the Neo-classical school.

Elizabeth David was a British cookery writer who revolutionized the British cooking and changed the way British middle-class cooked.

David Wagoner is one of the eminent contemporary American poet-cum-novelists.

David Trimble is a British politician who was instrumental in finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in Northern Ireland.

David Suzuki is a Canadian academic and science broadcaster.

David Spade is an American actor and television personality.

David Simon is an American journalist and author.

David Rose was a prominent name in the music industry of America.

David Ortiz is a Dominican-American professional baseball DH with the Boston Red Sox.

David Ogilvy was known as the “Father of Advertising”, the man who gave advertising a new platform.

David Mustaine is an American musician, guitarist, and vocalist with the heavy metal band, ‘Megadeth’.

David McCullough was known as the ‘master of the art of narrative history’, is an American author, narrator, historian and lecturer.

David Mamet is a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, screenwriter, author and film director.

David Keith is an actor and director best known for his performance in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’.

David Karoly is a world renowned Australian atmospheric scientist.

David Hume was an extraordinary and most influential philosopher of his era.

David Hilbert is considered to be one of the most influential mathematicians of the 19th and 20th centuries.

David Guetta is a household name in the world of club, house and dance music.

David Duke is an American politician and supporter of white supremacy.

David Duchovny is an American actor, writer and director.

David Dubinsky was a renowned labour leader and also helped in starting the ‘American Labor Party’.

David Cross is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor well-known for his comedy acts in Mr.

David Coverdale is an English rock singer and founder of the famous rock band ‘Whitesnake’.

David Copperfield is a world famous magician who features among the highest paid celebrities of the world.

David Cameron is the youngest British politician who became the Prime Minister of the country.

David Byrne is an Academy Award winning musician who founded the new wave band Talking Heads.

David Brudnoy was an American talk radio host, famous for his ‘The David Brudnoy Show’ which aired on WBZ-AM station.

David Brooks is a Canadian born American journalist, social analyst and leading political commentator.

David Brinkley was a well-known American newscaster and journalist.

David Brenner was an American stand-up comedian, actor and author.

David Boreanaz is an American actor and producer who played the vampire angel in the drama series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.

David Blunkett is a British Labour Party politician who became the first blind person to hold a ministerial position in Great Britain.

David Ben-Gurion was the first prime minister of Israel.

David Barry is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American author and columnist.

David Attenborough is an English broadcaster and naturalist.

Carl David Anderson was an American physicist known for the discovery of positron.

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