Prince Dog Names, Names After Real Or Fictional Princes

Prince Dog NamesMany dog owners like to name their boy puppies with a Disney-inspired name, for example those cool prince names such as Aladdin, Eric, or Phillip. Naming your dog after one of these princes is a great idea, and you will have countless options, because there are so many princes in different countries, and you could also considering those fictional prince names, and names meaning princess. Check out the below prince dog names and you will get some surprising ideas.

AdelinoNoble, KindMaleGerman
AlaricNoble rulerMaleGermanic
AlbertNoble and famousMaleFrench
AlbertaNoble and famousFemaleFrench
AlexanderDefending menMaleGreek
AlysaNoble kindFemaleGermanic
AmericaEver-powerful in battleUnisexGermanic
AndreMan, warriorMaleGreek
AndreaMan, warriorUnisexGreek
AndrewMan, warriorMaleGreek
AndyMan, warriorMaleGreek
AriciaPrincess Of The Royal Blood Of AthensFemaleGreek
ArmelleBear princeFemaleBreton
ArthurPossibly bear or stoneMaleGaelic
BardiaThe PrinceMalePersian
BorisBattle, fightMaleSlavonic
BrandanBeacon On The Hill Or Gorse-Covered Hill.MaleEnglish
BrandonBroom hillMaleEnglish
BrennanDescendant of BraonánMaleGaelic
BrennenDescendant of BraonánMaleGaelic
BrennonDescendant of BraonánMaleGaelic

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