23 Unique Boy Dog Names That Mean Prince

If you are looking for a Prince name for your new adopted puppy, you may get lots of options. There are lots of names have the annotations of prince, and you could also name your dog after those real prince in reality around the world. Here we just pulled a short collection of common prince names in different cultures and origins, of course they are unique because most of them are not so popular.

Adar: Syrian for Prince.

Adhit: Indonesian for Prince.
Amir: Arabic for Prince.
Armel: French for "stone prince."
Brendan: Irish for Prince.
Caspian: Prince in "The Chronicles of Narnia."
Eddie: Danish prince in 2004 classic "The Prince and Me."
Erik: The Prince in Disney "The Little Mermaid."
Garibaldo: Italian for "Prince of war."
Hari: Hindu for Princely.
Khan: Turkish for Prince.
Kumar: Hindu for Prince.
Mael: Breton for Prince.

Paris: The Trojan prince who wooed the beautiful Helen.
Phillip: Sleeping Beauty’s paramour.
Prince: Of course Prince is also a perfect name.
Royce: Old-English for Prince.
Sargon: Persian for "Prince of the sun."
Sayed: Arabic for Prince.
Shapoor: Russian for Prince.
Torna: Irish for Prince.
Vladimir: Slavic for "renowned prince."
Will: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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