Pronunciation: [Ho-ward]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Sheep herder

Origin: English

Variant Forms

HowieNichname For Howard Noble Watchman.MaleEnglish
WardWatchman, guardMaleEnglish

Famous Dogs Named Howard

Howard: St. Bernard dog from the comic strip Howard Huge.

Famous People Named Howard

Robert E. Howard was a highly praised and renowned pulp fiction writer.

Howard Schultz is an American businessman and writer.

Howard Hughes was an American aviator, business tycoon, philanthropist and also a film maker.

Howard Florey was an eminent Australian pathologist who is credited for making penicillin available to the world.

Howard Cosell was an American sports journalist.

Bryce Dallas Howard is a famous American film actress, writer and director.

Anna Howard Shaw was a leader of the women's suffrage movement in the United States.

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