French Bulldog Names: Frenchies Owned By Hollywood Celebrities

French bulldogs are one of the most adorable breeds of the world. They have squashed faces, pointy ears, and big eyes. They are affectionate, playful pets that don't bark much, and have distinct personalities.

French bulldogs have become popular among celebrities, and these loyal, friendly, and clever canines have been the friends of many celebrities, for instance Leonardo Dicaprio, Lady Gaga, and Martha Stewart. If you have been a proud frenchie owner and you are looking for a name for your newborn frenchies, you could consider one of these celebrity French bulldog names.

Dog Name Owner
Alabama Ashley Simpson
Asia Lady Gaga
Bandit Pamela Hasselhoff
Banksy Nicola Peltz
Beau Hilary Duff
Bentley Augusten Burroughs
Bianca Howard & Beth Stern
Bijou Lacey Schwimmer
Biscuit Shanna Moakler
Boris Errol Morris
Bruce Brandon Boyd
Bruno Jack Osbourne
Coco Chanel Reese Witherspoon
Cow Augusten Burroughs
Cy Tim Lincecum
Dali Hugh Jackman
Diva Patty Hearst
DJango Leonardo Di Caprio
Francesca Martha Stewart
Gary Carrie Fisher
Glee Melissa George
Grumpus Patton Oswalt
Hank Denise Richards
Hemingway Pete Wentz
Ivan Errol Morris
Jackpot Errol Morris
Julio Marion Lopez
Leo Denise Richards
Lola Jack Osbourne
Louie Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Matilda Chiara Ferragni
Meatball Adam Sandler
Mila Gilles Marini
Mocha Hugh Jackman
Mochi Hugh Jackman
Monkey Eli Roth
Moujik Yves Saint Laurent
Mya Michelle Trachtenberg
Newman Claire Robinson
Pearl Amanda Dolan
Pippa John Legend & Chrissy Teigen
Pistachio Christina Perri
Puddy John Legend & Chrissy Teigen
Rambo Shaun White
Ramon Christina Ricci
Scarlet Victoria & David Beckham
Scooter Zac Braff
Sharkey Martha Stewart
Sharky Martha Stewart
Sid Cesar Millan
Steve Shaun White
Sunny Robert Downey Jr.
Swifty Jason Priestley
Woof Woof Shanna Moakler
Zorro Kris Allen

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