Marine Dog Names, Names Inspired by Marines, Water, and Ocean

Marine Dog NamesMarines are closely associated with sea and ocean, of course you could choose marine-inspired names for your dogs because the mascot of the United States Marine Corps is the English Bulldog named Chesty. During WWII, female Marines were often referred to as Molly Marines, and the term Molly is given to the highest ranking female Marine in a recruit platoon. So Molly will be a perfect girl dog name inspired by Marines. Jarhead is a term sometimes used for a Marine, and it is a suitable boy dog name. Here comes our collection of marine dog names for male or female puppies, inspired by a variety of water, sea, and ocean related terms including everything from nautical slang to ocean trenches, saltwater animals and plants to underwater ridges and other languages.

AdenLittle fireMaleGaelic
AlessandraDefending menFemaleGreek
AlvinFriend of elvesMaleEnglish
AnsonUncertain, perhaps son of AgnesMaleEnglish
AzureSky blueUnisexFrench
BartholomewSon of TalmaiMaleGreek
BeckDweller near the brookMaleEnglish
BellaMy God is a vowFemaleHebrew
BrandonBroom hillMaleEnglish
BrookA brook, streamFemaleEnglish
BruceSurname Since Medieval Times: Now A Common Given Name. Folklore Tale Of 14Th Century Robert King Of Scotland: (The Bruce) Who Learned The Value Of Perseverance From Watching A Spider Spin A Web.MaleEnglish
ByronAt the cattle shedsMaleEnglish
CalderUncertain, perhaps coldMaleNorse
CariFree manFemaleGerman
ChristopherBearer of ChristMaleGreek
CinnamonA spiceFemaleGreek
CliffCliff fordMaleEnglish

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