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Gift Dog NamesYour little boy or girl puppy is a great gift from God, and he or she will change the life of your family. Naming your puppy by the meaning is a cool idea, and here comes a collection of dog names that have the meaning of gift or gift of God. Check out the below list and select your favorite name for your precious gift boy or girl puppy.

AdiaBeing a giftFemaleAfrican
AdoraLoved childFemaleLatin
ApollineLike ApolloFemaleGreek
ArtemasOf Artemis, gift from ArtemisMaleGreek
CallidoraGift Of BeautyFemaleGreek
CedricBattle LeaderMaleLiterary
ChipoA presentFemaleAfrican
ChiquitaSmall oneFemaleSpanish
DarienGift. Variant Of Darin.MaleAmerican English
DasiaGift of GodFemaleGreek
DemetriEarth GoddessMaleGreek
DereckRuler of the peopleMaleGermanic
DerekRuler of the peopleMaleGermanic
DericaRuler of the peopleFemaleGermanic
DerickRuler of the peopleMaleGermanic
DerikGifted Ruler. From Theodoric.MaleEnglish
DerrickRuler of the peopleMaleGermanic
DerryOak Grove. Surname.MaleEnglish
DiaraName Of French-Speaking West Africa, Meaning "Gift."UnisexEnglish
DieterPeople armyMaleGermanic
DiorRelated To D'or Meaning Golden.UnisexEnglish
DirkRuler of the peopleMaleGermanic
DitaProsperous in warFemaleEnglish
DollyGift of godFemaleGreek
DonatellaGiven [by God]FemaleLatin
DonatelloGiven [by God]UnisexLatin

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