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BatmanA fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC ComicsBothHebrew
CherokeePeople Of A Different Speech. One Of The Largest American Indian Tribes.UnisexEnglish
CougarA large powerful American mountain catUnisexEnglish
CreeNative American TribeUnisexEnglish
LaramieSurname With American Connotations Due To Laramie: A Town In Wyoming USA On The Overland Trail Of The Pony Express.UnisexAmerican English
MahoganyAmerican evergreen tree valued for its hard, red-brown woodFemaleEnglish
MohawkNative American Tribe NameMaleNative American
OreoAmerican cookie brand consisting of two chocolate wafers with white cream filling.UnisexEnglish
PearyRobert Edwin Peary, Sr. was an American explorer who claimed to have reached the geographic North PoleBothAmerican
ShastaName of a Native American tribeFemaleNative American

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