Classic Dog Names, Names That Don't Go Out of Style

Classic Dog NamesChoosing a perfect dog name is not easy, and you need to consider and think a lot. If you are tired of that, or you just pick up a good dog name, you could consider our collection of classic dog names. These dog names have stood the test of time, they have been popular for decades and they don't go out of style, and they fit for any male or female puppies. Just check out the below list and select your favorite dog name for your beloved canine.

AbbyFather in rejoicingFemaleHebrew
AbigailFather in rejoicingFemaleHebrew
AddieNobel kindFemaleGermanic
AddisonSon of AdamMaleEnglish
AdelaideNoble kindFemaleGermanic
AlfredElf counselMaleEnglish
AliceNoble kindFemaleGermanic
AngelicaOf the angelsFemaleLatin
AngusOne choiceMaleGaelic
ArchieValuable: Bold.MaleEnglish
AubreeElfin kingFemaleEnglish
AudreyNoble strengthFemaleEnglish
AvaVariant Of Medieval Given Names Avis And AvelineFemaleGermanic
AvalonApple treeMaleWelsh
AxelFather of peaceMaleHebrew
BanditAn outlaw or robberUnisexEnglish
BarneySon of consolationMaleHebrew
BearLarge mammal with large head, bulky body and coarse thick furUnisexEnglish
BeatriceVoyager through lifeFemaleLatin

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