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Animals Dog NamesIn most of the cases we name our dogs after people, and of course we could name our dogs after animals in nature. Animal names could be seen everywhere in our life, and some of the animal names are perfect for dog names, for instance Raven, Leon, Tiger etc. Check out our collection of animal-themed dog names for your beloved puppies, these names are named after animals in various origins around the world.

AdolfoNoble wolfMaleEnglish
AdolphNoble wolfMaleEnglish
ArcadiaOf ArcadiaFemaleGreek
ArdenLofty. Eager.FemaleEnglish
AriesBattle strifeUnisexGreek
ArnaldoPowerful eagleMaleGermanic
ArnaudPowerful eagleMaleGermanic
ArneAbbrevation of Arn-namesMaleGermanic
ArniePowerful eagleMaleEnglish
ArnoldPowerful eagleMaleGermanic
ArnoldoPowerful eagleMaleEnglish
ArtPossibly bear or stoneMaleGaelic
ArthurPossibly bear or stoneMaleGaelic
ArtiePossibly bear or stoneMaleGaelic
ArturoPossibly bear or stoneMaleGaelic
ArvidEagle of the woodsUnisexSwedish
AudiLast DaughterFemaleAfrican
AvaVariant Of Medieval Given Names Avis And AvelineFemaleGermanic
AvisRefuge In BattleUnisexGermanic
AvonacoBear that leansFemaleNative American
BarendBear braveMaleGerman

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