45 Unique Dog Names After Animals

Dogs are domesticated animals. When coming up to dog names, we could get lots of inspirations from other animals. Many of the animals have beautiful names in various origins and languages, for instance Wolf, Raven, and Lion. Check out this list of 45 unique dog names after those animals in various origins.

Ari: Hebrew for "lion, eagle."

Ariel: Hebrew for "lion of god."
Ava: Birdlike.
Averett: Brave, strong boar.
Bram: Celtic for "raven."
Branwen: Welsh for "white, blessed raven."
Brenda: Gaelic for "small raven."
Buck: He-goat.
Byrdie: Little bird.
Colt: Young male horse.
Conan: Celtic for "hound, wolf."
Corvan: Latin for "raven."
Deborah: Bee.
Delphine: French for "dolphin."
Dillon: Like a lion.
Dov: Hebrew for "bear."
Drake: Snake, dragon.
Fauna: The roman goddess of animals.
Fawn: Young deer.
Finch: The passerine birds.
Gibbon: French for "small ape."
Hart: The male red deer.
Jay: Latin for "blue-crested bird."
Jemima: Arabic for "little dove."
Kaleb: Hebrew for "dog."
Lark: Bird.
Leona: Feminine of leon, which is latin for lion.

Lyall: Old norse for "wolf."
Mare: A female horse.
Mariposa: Spanish for "butterfly."
Marlon: Little falcon.
Marshall: Horse servant.
Melissa: Honey-bee.
Namir: Israeli for "leopard."
Orsa: Latin for "little she-bear."
Penelope: Greek for "duck."
Philip: Lover of horses.
Raven: The large black bird related to the crow.
Ray: Hebrew for "ewe."
Robin: The red-breasted songbird.
Sable: Species of marten which inhabits forest environments.
Siria: Spanish for "the dog star."
Tabitha: Greek for "doe."
Tipu: Hindi for "tiger."
Tora: Japanese for "tiger."

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