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JazzThe romantic musicUnisexEnglish
JerrySpear rulerMaleGermanic
JetBlack gemstoneUnisexEnglish
JojoMonday bornUnisexAfrican
JulietDown-bearded youthFemaleLatin
KikiPet form of names in KMaleEnglish
KingKing's forest clearingMaleEnglish
KippA pointed hillMaleEnglish
KylieBoomerangFemalePacific Islander
LandonLong hillMaleEnglish
LewisFame and warMaleGermanic
LexiDefending menFemaleGreek
LexusA brand of carFemaleEnglish
LondonFrom LondonMaleEnglish
LouisFame and warMaleGermanic
LukeMan from LucaniaMaleGreek
LutherPeople armyMaleGermanic
MacaroniA hollow tubed shaped pasta.UnisexEnglish
MaisiePet form of MaireadFemaleGaelic
MaisyPearl. Variant Of Margaret.UnisexEnglish
MarleyPleasant woodFemaleEnglish
MarloDrained lakeFemaleEnglish
MarquisLord of the marchesMaleFrench
MiaUncertain, maybe bitterFemaleHebrew
MickeyWho is like God?UnisexHebrew

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