Top 10 Reasons to Name Your Puppy Buddy

Buddy has been the most popular male dog name for years. The previous United States president Bill Clinton named his chocolate Labrador Retriever Buddy, there's also a golden retriever named Buddy in the 1997 film Air Bud. Buddy Holly was one of the most popular American singer-songwriters of his time. Since millions and millions of dogs have been named Buddy, it must be a good one. Here comes 10 reasons why you should name your male dog Buddy.

  1. He just looks like a buddy.

  2. He'll always be your buddy.
  3. He is really cute.
  4. He is our best little friend.
  5. He is children's best friend.
  6. The name goes good with any breed of male dog.
  7. The name sounds cute, sweet, loving and cuddly.
  8. The name is after the dog in the movie Air Bud.
  9. The name is sweet and tough.
  10. The name is after the character from the film Elf.
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