14 Famous Labrador Retriever Dog Names After Noted Labs

The Labrador Retriever, also known as simply Labrador or Lab, is an intelligent breed with a good work ethic and generally good temperaments. Common working roles for Labradors include: hunting, tracking and detection, disabled-assistance, carting, and therapy work. If you are looking for a name for your male or female lab, you could check out this list of famous lab dog names inspired by famous Police Lab dogs, Military Lab dogs, Rescue Lab dogs, Detection Lab dogs, Service Lab dogs and other Heroic Labs.

Adjutant: The oldest known Labrador and the seventh-oldest dog whose age has been verified.

Dorado: Omar Riviera's yellow Labrador guide dog.
Endal: The world's most decorated dog, wearing his PDSA Gold Medal.
Flo: One of the twin Black Labrador counterfeit detection dogs who became famous in 2007 for "sniffing out nearly 2 million pirated counterfeit DVDs."
Jake: A black Labrador who became a national canine hero during the September 11 attacks.
Lucky: Labrador and Golden Retriever mix, who killed two-month-old Aiden McGrew alone in a baby swing in 2012.
Lucy: David Blunkett's best known guide dog.
Sadie: A black Labrador who saved the lives of dozens of soldiers in Afghanistan by detecting a bomb.
Sirius: A yellow Labrador New York Port Authority Police Canine, was killed as he waited for his handler in one of the twin towers during 9/11.
Tania: Whose 2005 attack on her unconscious owner Isabelle Dinoire led to the world's first partial face transplant.
Timber: Named "Heroic Guide Dog of the Year" by Guide Dogs for the Blind in 2005.
Toby: Who killed 2-year-old Megan Stack, left alone downstairs with the dog, in 1988.
Willie: Lab who saved his friend, John Stenglein, from a wolf attack at a logging camp near on April 26, 2000 in Icy Bay, Alaska.
Zanjeer: Detection dog who detected arms and ammunition used in 1993 Mumbai serial explosions.

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