35 Celebrity Labrador Retriever Dog Names After Fictional Labs

Labrador Retrievers are excellent pets, they are popular pets and companions. Here comes a list of fictional Labrador Retriever dog names inspired by those celebrity labs in TV series, books, films, and other medias. They make unusual dog names for your male or female labs.

Alien: A black Lab who served as the team mascot for the Memphis Mad Dogs.

Andrex: Featured primarily in UK television spots for the Andrex brand of toilet paper.
Bat: A blind Black Labrador mix, plays a role in the manga/anime Ginga Densetsu Weed.
Bootsy: Jet in Rex Stout's 1954 novella Die Like a Dog was formly known as Bootsy.
Bouncer: Lab from Neighbours.
Brian Griffin: A white Labrador Retriever from the animated sitcom Family Guy.
Brown: Labrador Retriever in Rule of Rose.
Denmark: A sentient Labrador Retriever, one of the two companions in Castaways of the Flying Dutchman.
Didier: A Labrador who is transformed into a human form in the film "Didier."
Digger: A Labrador retriever puppy in Big Barn Farm.
Digger: Cecily King's troublesome dog in Road to Avonlea.
Dolly: A white Labrador who acted in Korean movies Hearty Paws.
Elsie: A black Labrador mix featured in the documentary Street Dogs of South Central.
Jake: A black lab from Neighbours.
Jet: Briefly adopted by the fictional detective genius Nero Wolfe in Rex Stout's 1954 novella Die Like a Dog.
Jordan: Belonging to KVBC's chief meteorologist in Las Vegas.
Krypto: Superman's dog, is portrayed as a white Labrador.
Labramon: Is based on Labrador retriever in Digimon.
Little Boo: A therapy dog assigned to Big Boo in Orange Is the New Black, is a Labrador.

Luath: From The Incredible Journey.
Marley: From Marley and Me.
Nigger: A black Labrador, mascot of the Dambusters squadron.
Orson: A Labrador mix who is a major, semi-sentient character in Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz.
Quill: A guide-dog for the blind whose life is followed in the film of the same name.
Radar: The comic Brazil are pet dorinha in Monica's Gang.
Randolph: The erudite narrator of J.F. Englert's mystery-comedy novel A Dog About Town.
Raven: The co-star of Ran Schara's Minnesota Bound.
Rowdy: Turk and J.D.'s pet stuffed retriever from the show Scrubs.
Rufus: From the western themed videogame Red Dead Redemption.
Shadow: The Brenan's black lab from Jonathan Park.
Spike: Who played "Old Yeller" from the movie Old Yeller.
Ubu Roi: Logo and closing credits mascot of Ubu Productions' TV series since 1982.
Vincent: From Lost, played by Madison.
Wowser: From Walt Disney's Rascal.
Zeke: Mascot and frisbee fanatic for the Michigan State Spartans.

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