11 Famous French Bulldog Names Inspired By Instagram Frenchies

When you are naming your Frenchies, you may wonder what other people named their French Bulldog puppies. Here comes 11 greatest French Bulldogs of Instagram, and you could name your male or female Frenchie after one of these celebrity dogs.

Banksy: Lives in Australia and is a renowned street artist.

Betty Page: Swedish resident Betty is only 12-weeks-old.
Harry: 1-year-old resident of New Jersey.
Hector: A blind puppy who lives in South America.
Kitty: Piggy and Kitty are sisters. Kitty is the white and brown one.
Louie: The official dog of The College of New Jersey's women's soccer team.
Manny: 2-years-old and has more than 175,000 followers.
Miles Davis: A puppy who lives in Las Vegas.
Piggy: Piggy and Kitty are sisters. Piggy is the black one.
Poe: A rescue dog who lives in Long Beach, California.
Stinky Stewie: This dog smells fine.

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