Top 10 Male Dog Names in Australia

Are you interested in dog names inspired by Australian baby names? You may wonder know what are popular Australian dog names. Here comes the top 10 boy dog names in Australia, they make perfect names for your Australian breeds dogs.

Oliver: Oliver is of latin origin, and the meaning of oliver is "olive tree". in biblical, the olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity.

Noah: Noah is a boy's name of hebrew origin, and the meaning of noah is "peaceful".
Jack: Name based on john, which means "god is gracious". the name has a rugged, down-to-earth aura.
Jackson: God has been gracious. also the capital and since 1944 the largest city of the state of mississippi.
William: William is a boy's name of old german origin, and the meaning of william is "determined protector".
Thomas: Twin.
Mason: A person who works with stones.
Lucas: Man from lucania.
Henry: The name of eight kings of england, this means "home ruler."
Liam: Short for the irish form of william, desire and helmet.

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