20 Impressive Italian Male Dog Names

Italy is a beautiful and romantic country, and it is a great idea to name your beloved boy puppy after one of those brilliant Italy names. These unique Italian dog names are unforgettable and extraordinary, we believe you will love our collection of best Italian dog names here.

Aldo: Old, noble.

Armino: A strong, athletic name that means "warrior."
Arturo: Elegant name means "noble."
Benito: Blessed.
Carlo: Strong, manly.
Ciro: Sun or lordly.
Davide: Beloved.
Dino: Little sword.
Francesco: Derived from the Latin Francis meaning French or free one.
Gabriele: God given strength.
Georgino: Farmer.
Lorenzo: From the place of laurel trees.
Leonardo: Bold lion.
Luca: Italian for Luke meaning "bringer of light."
Matteo: From the Hebrew name Matthew meaning "gift of the lord."

Paolo: Small.
Pietro: Rock.
Sandro: Abbreviation of Alexander meaning "defender of man."
Tuomo: A twin.
Vincenzo: Conquering.

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