Top 20 Italian Female Dog Names and Male Dog Names

Italian language and culture is different, so it will be a cool idea to name your puppy after Italian baby names. We have pulled together a collection of top 20 masculine and feminine Italian baby names for you, please feel free to use them as your beloved puppy names. If you like Italy or Italian, you will surely like this list of Italian dog names.

Top 20 Italian Girl Dog Names

Sofia: Wise.

Giulia: Down-bearded youth.
Giorgia: Italian form of Georgia.
Martina: From the god Mars.
Emma: Greek for Torch or Bright Light.
Aurora: The Roman goddess of sunrise.
Sara: Princess.
Chiara: Clear.
Gaia: In Greek mythology, Gaia was the goddess of the earth and the universal mother.
Alice: Noble, exalted.
Anna: Hebrew for God has favored me.
Alessia: Feminine form of Italian Alessio, meaning "defender."
Viola: Violet.
Noemi: Beautiful, pleasant, delightful.
Greta: Greta is of German origin. It is the short form of Margaret, which means "pearl."
Francesca: The most famous bearer was the beautiful Francesca di Rimini, daughter of Giovanni da Polenta.
Ginevra: Italian form of Jennifer, meaning "white wave" or "fair one."
Matilde: German for Powerful Fighter.
Elisa: Consecrated to God, abbreviation of Elisabeth.
Vittoria: Italian variation of Victoria.

Top 20 Italian Boy Dog Names

Francesco: From France.

Alessandro: Defending men.
Andrea: Manly.
Lorenzo: Man from Laurentum.
Matteo: Hebrew for "gift of God." Also a variant of Matthew.
Mattia: Italian form of Matthias.
Gabriele: God is my might.
Leonardo: Strong as the lion.
Ricardo: Strong power.
Davide: Italian for Beloved.
Tommaso: Italian for Twin.
Giuseppe: He will enlarge.
Marco: From the god Mars.
Luca: Italian for Luke, which means "bringer of light."
Federico: Peaceful ruler.
Antonio: Italian form of Anthony meaning Priceless.
Simone: Hear, listen. Feminine of Simon.
Samuele: Italian variant of Samuel meaning "God heard."
Pietro: Rock.
Giovanni: Italian forrn of John meaning "God is gracious."

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