Unusual Dog Names Inspired By Nature

Nature is a huge and awesome source for dog names, you will find countless unusual dog names inspired by nature. We have pulled together a collection of unusual nature dog names for you here, they are inspired from several various categories, for instance fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, colors, and weather. These natural names make perfect dog names, if you like rare and uncommon dog names you will surely love them.

Unusual Fruits Dog Names:

Apple: Apple is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. Apples have been present in the mythology and religions of many cultures, including Norse, Greek and Christian traditions.

Cherry: The name Cherry is inspired from cherry fruit, and in American the meaning of Cherry is "dear one; darling".
Clementine: The name Clementine is a baby girl name of Latin origin, it is derived from 'clemens' meaning mild or merciful. The name was famous because of the heroine of the well-known folk song 'Clementine' and the Sir Winston Churchill's wife. Clementine's meaning suggests peace and happiness, a lovely image.
Gala: A type of apple grown particularly in New Zealand.
Guava: Common tropical fruits cultivated and enjoyed in many tropical and subtropical regions.
Mango: Mango fruit is nutritionally rich with distinctive flavor, smell and taste. Mangos are seasonal fruits that begin in the month of May. It is a very rich source of potassium, vitamin C and E. Mango may also help prevent cancer and promotes healthy skin.
Peach: Delicious fruit native to Northwest China.
Quince: A pome fruit, similar in appearance to a pear, and bright golden-yellow when mature.

Unusual Flowers Dog Names:

Acacia: Innocent and honest. Also a genus of shrubs and trees belonging to the subfamily Mimosoideae.
Clover: Clover has a long association with good luck, via the four-leaf clover, and through the shamrock symbol of Ireland. Also a feminine of Clovis.
Dahlia: Valley. Also the flower named for 18th-century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl.
Daisy: Day's eye, also a flower with a yellow disk and white rays. Often used as a nickname for Margaret. Henry James named the typical American girl in Europe as Daisy Miller in his story.
Flora: Flower. Also the Roman goddess of spring.
Iris: Iris is a flower that blooms during the late spring; it usually comes in bright shades of purple and gold. Also a messenger-goddess who rode rainbows between heaven and earth to deliver messages from Olympus.
Ivy: An evergreen climbing ornamental plant which represents fidelity and eternity.
Jasmine: White or yellow flower.
Lily: Lily is a girl name of Latin origin, and the meaning of the name Lily is flower name, pure. The name Lily has been a symbol of innocence and purity as well as beauty, due to its cool elegance and lovely sound. Lily is a favorite of celebrity parents, including Kate Beckinsale, Greg Kinnear, Fred Savage, and Johnny Depp. It is also an authors' favorite, for instance Lily Bart, Lily Owens, Lily Tomlin and Lily Allen.
Marigold: The golden flower's name, which is a combination of Mary and "gold".
Orchid: Blooms that are often colourful and often fragrant.
Poppy: Poppy is a girl's name of Latin origin, and it is a flower name. Poppy makes an especially good choice for a redhead. Jamie Oliver used Poppy for his daughter Poppy Honey Rosie, as did Anthony Edwards, Jessica Capshaw, and Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.
Rose: Rose is a very traditional name, it has many variations, for instance Rosa, Rosalie and Rosemary.
Tulip: One of the most unusual flower names.
Violet: Violet is a girl's name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Violet is "purple". One of the earliest flower names, Shakespeare used the Latin form Viola for the enterprising heroine in "Twelfth Night".

Unusual Vegetables and Herbs Dog Names:

Anise: A flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, its seeds are often used as spices or herbs.

Chili: Arabic Shining Light, High Mountain, Messenger.
Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a warm brown-colored spice. Cinnamon Bears is a kind of candy, they are just spicy enough to satisfy your craving for hot.
Garlic: A species in the onion genus, Allium.
Ginger: Pep, liveliness; ginger. Refers to the pungent root used as a spice. Used to describe red-headed people in modern-day UK .
Mint: A pale tint of green that resembles the color of mint green pigment.
Pepper: Pepper is a spicy plant, and the color of Pepper could be green, yellow or red.
Sage: Sage is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Sage is "wise, healthy". The name has associations with sagebrush, cowboys, and the Wild West.

Unusual Trees and Plants Dog Names:

Aspen: A common name for certain tree species. Place name in US, Canada, and Sweden.
Forrest: Forest.
Hazel: A name from nature, the hazel tree, light brown. A hazelnut has a thin, dark brown skin. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski named their daughter Hazel, they went through a few different ones and finally John found the name Hazel, and they both really like this old-fashioned name. Julia Roberts also named one of her twins Hazel in 2004.
Holly: Holly is a popular girl's name, it is of Old English origin and the name means "holly tree". Holly is often given to daughters born on or near Christmas. Holly Golightly is the heroine in Truman Capote's nove "Breakfast at Tiffany's", which was made into a film in 1961, starring Audrey Hepburn.
Juniper: Juniper is a fresh-feeling nature name. It's a small evergreen shrub with lots of energy.
Maple: A genus of trees or shrubs.
Oak: A tree or shrub in the genus Quercus of the beech family, Fagaceae.
Olive: A species of small tree in the family Oleaceae, is also another shade of green.
Pine: Conifer trees in the genus Pinus, in the family Pinaceae.
Willow: Tree with narrow, lance-shaped leaves.

Unusual Colors Dog Names:

Amber: Fossilized tree resin.
Blondie: Brownie made without chocolate. Also an American rock band founded by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein.
Ebony: Dense black wood.
Foxy: Foxy means "sly as a fox". Foxy is also a character forever trying to steal chickens and forever getting blasted by the farmer in The Topper comics.
Jet: Jet is a shiny black substance which is considered to be a minor gemstone. It is not a true mineral, but rather a mineraloid as it is derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure.
Nyx: Nyx is a unisex baby name of Greek origin, and the meaning of Nyx is "night". In Greek mythology, Nyx was a powerful goddess and the embodiment of the night.
Onyx: Onyx is a precious stone with bands of colors, the colors range from white to almost every color. The meaning of the name Onyx is "Black Gemstone", and it is derived from the Greek onyx, which originally meant "claw, fingernail".
Ruby: Ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, and it is considered one of the four precious stones, together with the sapphire, the emerald and the diamond. The name Ruby comes from ruber, Latin for red.
Sandy: Greek for Defending Men. Also a shade of brown.
Scarlet: A bright tone of red that is slightly toward orange.
Silver: Silver is a precious metal, and the color of polished silver is resembling gray.
Stone: A tough, unbreakable rock.

Unusual Dessert Dog Names:

Brownie: Moist chocolate cake with nuts.
Candy: Candy is sweet, and one of the favorite things about Halloween is candy.
Cookie: A small flat, crisp cake.
Sugar: A sweet powder from sugar cane. Slang for sweetheart.
Taffy: Taffy is a girl's name is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Taffy is "loved one". Taffy is a type of chewy.
York: A city in North Yorkshire, England.

Unusual Beverage Dog Names:

Cocoa: A version of the color chocolate.
Java: Java coffee refers to coffee beans produced in the Indonesian island of Java. The Indonesian phrase Kopi Jawa refers not only to the origin of the coffee, but is used to distinguish a style of strong, black, and very sweet coffee. In some countries "Java" can refer to coffee in general. Also the most populous island located in Indonesia.
Juice: A liquid that is naturally contained in fruit and vegetables.
Latte: Coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.
Milk: White liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals.
Mocha: Cafe mocha takes its name from the Red Sea coastal town of Mocha, Yemen, which as far back as the fifteenth century was a dominant exporter of coffee, especially to areas around the Arabian Peninsula. Mocha coffee has a chocolate flavor. The cafe mocha was created to mimic that natural flavor.
Spirit: A fairy, sprite, or elf.
Tea: A light shade of green, it is a representation of the color of brewed green tea.
Whisky: Arabic Shining Light, High Mountain, Messenger.
Wine: An alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits.
Yogurt: A food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.    

Unusual Gemstones Dog Names:

Amber: Fossilized tree resin.
Coral: The semiprecious natural sea growth, often deep pink to red in color. In Hebrew, the word means "fate, destiny, luck".
Garnet: A dark red gemstone has the unique ability to change colors when exposed to sunlight. Also the birthstone for January.
Ivory: Ivory is a hard, creamy-white colored material, derived from the tusks and teeth of animals. It is usually used for carving fine art and jewelry. The meaning of the name Ivory is white and pure.
Jade: The precious green stone which was believed to have the magical power of providing protection against disorders of the intestines. The birthstone of babies born in March.
Jasper: Jasper is an opaque, impure variety of silica, usually red, yellow, brown or green in color; and rarely blue. The name Jasper means "spotted or speckled stoneā€ and it is a variation of the Persian Kaspar, which means "treasurer or treasure bringer". Jasper is one of the few gem names for boys, and is the first name of the great modern artist Jasper Johns.
Jet: Jet is a shiny black substance which is considered to be a minor gemstone. It is not a true mineral, but rather a mineraloid as it is derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure.
Mica: A group of sheet silicate minerals.
Onyx: Onyx is a precious stone with bands of colors, the colors range from white to almost every color. The meaning of the name Onyx is "Black Gemstone", and it is derived from the Greek onyx, which originally meant "claw, fingernail".
Opal: Opal is a semiprecious iridescent gemstone, which reflects light in a dazzling display of colors. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia, which produces 97% of the world's supply. Opal is the birthstone of October. The name Opal is ultimately derived from Sanskrit and it means "Jewel".
Pearl: A pearl is a milky-colored gem produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusc. The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones. Pearls have been associated with innocence and modesty. Because it comes from the sea, it also has associations with the moon and with water. Pearls are also traditionally considered appropriate jewelry for debutantes and brides. The pearl is the birthstone for the month of June.
Ruby: Ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, and it is considered one of the four precious stones, together with the sapphire, the emerald and the diamond. The name Ruby comes from ruber, Latin for red.
Topaz: Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine, it is named after Topasos Island in the Red Sea. The name Topaz is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Topaz is: Jewel. Topaz is the birthstone of November. If you're looking for a sparkling name for your little jewel, it makes a great, unexpected choice.

Unusual Weather Dog Names:

Aurora: Aurora is a girl's name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Aurora is "dawn". Aurora was the Roman goddess of sunrise. In some versions of the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty", the princess's name is Aurora.
Bolt: Arabic Shining Light, High Mountain, Messenger.
Breeze: A gentle to moderate wind.
Cloud: The cloud has a nice and airy feel. In a sunny day, cloud is pure, white and light.
Rain: The phenomenon as a name.
Snow: White blossoms.
Storm: Storm brings to mind the thunderstorms of summer. It is a pleasant sounding word and your lady will love it.
Sunny: Sunny means sunshine, and it express a happy and cheerful temperament. A name that will remind you of the bright and happy Sun in the sky.
Thor: Thor was the Norse god of thunder and power, one of the sons of Odin.
Thunder: Sound produced from lightning.
Windy: Accompanied or characterized by wind.

Unusual Water Dog Names:

Aqua: Aqua is Latin for water, and it is also used as the name for the green-blue color.
Bay: Reddish-brown.
Brook: A brook, stream.
Dew: Moisture in small drops on a surface.
Marine: Of or relating to the sea.
Oceana: Ocean.
Rio: Spanish for Big River. Coffee Rio is a hard coffee caramel made with fresh dairy cream, milk and real coffee.
River: A flowing body of water. River is the first child of Kelly Clarkson and her new husband Brandon Blackstock. Most of the notable Rivers have been male, but this nature name certainly flows as well for a girl. The name river is one of the leading nature names inspired by water.
Sailor: Sailor.

Unusual Fire Dog Names:

Aiden: Fire.
Ember: Burned coal.
Felix: Felix is a boy's name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Felix is "happy, lucky".
Flame: The visible, gaseous part of a fire.
Kalama: The torch, the light, the lamp.
Spark: A small glowing particle or ember.

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