10 Unusual Water-inspired Names For Your Female Puppies

Water is often associated with women, they are both soft and clean. So it is a good idea to choose some water-related names for your female dogs. There are lots of fabulous water names to choose from, including river names, ocean names and names mean water.

If you like water and sea, maybe you often go swimming or fishing, do not hesitate to pick a water-inspired dog name for your girl puppy. Here we picked 10 unique and unusual water dog names for your consideration, check out at the below list and enjoy!

Aqua - Aqua is Latin for water, and it is also used as the name for the green-blue color.

Brooke - Variant of Brook, which means "small stream." Chynna Phillips added an "e" to name her daughter, and this becomes the most popular spelling.
Darya - Darya is a royal Persian origin girl name, in Persian it means "of the sea; Preserver."
Hali - Hali is Greek for "sea", in Biblicalit also means a precious stone, and it can be an alternate to Halle.
Marilla - Marilla is a beautiful name, in Latin it means "shining sea."
Maya - Maya means "water" in Hebrew. It also means "Daughter of Atlas" in Latin.
Mira - Mira means "ocean" in Sanskrit, and it means "A mythical princess" in Indian.
Nixie - In old mythology, Nixie is the name of a water nymph and it means "little water sprite."
Raina - Raina is a variation of Rain, it means "strong."
Talise - Talise is of Native American origin and means "lovely water."

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