Over 100 Unique Chinese Names For Girl Dogs

It is a good idea to choose a Chinese name for your new adopted puppy, especially if the breed of your dog is the Pug, Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, or Chow Chow. The Chinese culture lends itself to many great naming ideas. If you are looking for a Chinese name for your girl dog, please check out our collection of female Chinese dog names at the below list. Many of the girl names have the great meanings, for instance Chun, Fang, Xue, Yue, Qing, Juan and Mei.

Ah-Lam: Like a beautiful orchid.

Ai: Loving.
Bao: Precious.
Baozhai: Stockade of treasures.
Biyu: Jasper, the precious stone.
Changchang: Flourishing.
Changying: Flourishing and lustrous.
Chan-Juan: Graceful, like the moon.
Chen: The morning.
Chenguang: Morning glory.
Chun: Spring, as in the season of the year.
Chunhua: Spring flowers.
Chuntao: Spring peach.
Cuifen: Emerald fragrance.
Daiyu: Black jade.
Dandan: Cinnabar.
Dao-Ming: Shining path.
Dongmei: Younger sister east; or, winter plums.
Ehuang: Beauty-august.
Fan: Mortal.
Fang: Agreeable; fragrant plants.
Fenfang: The fragrance of flowers, herbs, etc.
Guang: Light, glory.
Hong: Red, sign of good luck.
Hualing: Flowery tuber.
Huan: Joy, satisfaction.
Huian: Obliging and quiet.
Huifang: Kind and fragrant.
Huiling: Wise jade tinkling.
Huiqing: Liberal good luck.
Jia: Good, fine, auspicious.
Jiao: Beautiful.
Jiayi: Auspicious one.
Jiaying: Good and clever.
Jie: Cleanliness.
Jing: Sparkling and clear, shining, like crystal.
Jingfei: Quiet not.
Jinghua: Leek flowers.
Jinjing: Bright, clear, crystal.
Ju: Chrysanthemum.
Juan: Graciousness.
Lan: Orchid.
Lanfen: Orchid fragrance.
Lanying: Blue glitter, or blue quartz.
Li: Plums.
Lian: Graceful.
Lifen: Clever and fragrant like flowers.
Lihua: Beautiful and elegant.
Lijuan: Beautiful and soft.
Liling: White jasmine tinkling.
Lin: A grove, a wood.
Ling: Clever; intelligent, spiritual.
Liqin: Beautiful harp, lute or zither.
Liqiu: Beautiful autumn.
Liu: The willow.
Luli: Dewy jasmine.
Mei: A red gem.
Meifen: Plum fragrance.
Meifeng: Beautiful wind.
Meihui: Beautiful wisdom.
Meili: Beautiful and graceful.
Mei-Lien Beautiful Lotus:: .
Meilin: Plum grove.
Meirong: Beautiful countenance.
Meixiang: Beautiful fragrance.
Meixiu: Beautiful grace.
Ming: Shining, bright, clear.
Mingxia: Clear halo.
Mingzhu: Bright pearl.
Ngo-Kwang: Beauty-august.
Ning: Rest, tranquility.
Niu: A girl.

O-Huang: Beauty-august.
Peizhi: Respectful.
Qi: Wondrous.
Qiang: Red rose.
Qiao: High, aspiring, proud.
Qiaolian: Clever always.
Qing: Sky blue.
Qingge: Love song.
Qingling: Lucky years.
Qingzhao: Clear understanding.
Qiu: Autumn.
Qiuyue: Autumn moon.
Rong: Honor, glory.
Ruolan: Like an orchid.
Shan: Virtuous, mild.
Shu: Pure; virtuous.
Shuang: Lively cheerful.
Shuchun: Pure beauty.
Song: Pine tree.
Suyin: Simple sounding.
Ting: Sustaining.
Tung-Mei: Winter plums.
Wen: Warm, genial.
Wenling: Mild jade tinkling.
Wenqian: Refined and modest.
Xia: A halo, vapour; red sky.
Xiang: Fragrant, incense.
Xiaodan: Little dawn.
Xiaofan: Little ordinary.
Xiaohui: Morning sunlight.
Xiaoli: Intellectual.
Xiaolian: Little compassionate one.
Xiaoling: Little jade tinkling.
Xiaoqing: Blessed with intelligence.
Xifeng: Flourishing phoenix.
Xingjuan: Lucky and beautiful.
Xiu: Fine, beautiful.
Xiulan: Beautiful orchid.
Xiurong: Beautiful glory.
Xiuying: Beautiful flower.
Xue: Snow.
Ya: Elegant, learned, pure.
Yan: Swallow.
Yanmei: Flattering and seductive.
Yanyu: Swallow jade, or, yan jade.
Yin: Silver.
Ying: Clever.
Yingtai: Flower eminent.
Yu: Jade, or, rain.
Yuan: Original.
Yuanjun: Yuan river ruler.
Yue: Moon.
Yun: Clouds.
Zhenzhen: Very precious.
Zhilan: Iris orchid.
Zhin: Treasure.
Zhu: Vermilion, red.
Zongying: Following talent.

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