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In the English-speaking countries, many dog owners choose first names of babies for pets. But in China, dog names are completely different from baby names. People usually choose simple names or nicknames for their dogs, not those for their babies.

1. Chinese Dog Names By Colors

Your dog name should fit the personality and appearance of your dog, this rule works in any countries, and any times. In China, many dog owners choosing names by the coat color or appearance of their dogs since the ancient times. For example, a black pup could be named "Hei Zi," "Xiao Hei," "Da Hei", or "Hei Bao." A yellow dog may be named "Xiao Huang," "Da Huang," or "Huang Huang." A mottled-coated dog is often named "Hua Hua," or "Hua Zi."

Black Dog Names

Hei Zi - The black dog.

Xiao Hei - Little black dog.
Da Hei - Big black dog.
Hei Bao - Black leopard.
Hei Lang - Black wolf.
Hei Hu - Black tiger.
Mei Qiu - Ovoid briquette.

White Dog Names

Bai Zi - The white dog.
Xiao Bai - Little white dog.
Da Bai - Big white dog.
Bai Lang - White wolf.
Nai You - Cream.
Niu Nai - Milk.
Nai Cha - Milk tea.
Bai He - White lily.
Man Tou - Steamed bun.
Xiao Xue - Little snow.
Bai Xue - White snow.
Xue Qiu - Snow ball.
Mian Hua Tang - Cotton candy.

Yellow Dog Names

Xiao Huang - Little yellow dog.
Da Huang - Big yellow dog.
Huang Huang - Yellow dog.
Jin Mao - Golden hair.
Jin Hu - Golden tiger.
Ju Zi - The fruit orange.

More Dog Names By Colors Or Appearance

Xiao Hua - Little flower.
Da Hua - Big flower.
Hua Hua - Flower.
Mei Li - Beautiful.
Xiao Lang - Little wolf.

2. Traditional Auspicious Chinese Names

Chinese people like propitious names, so many traditional Chinese dog names are associated with auspicious, good fortune, lucky, treasure, and royal. They believe that a good dog name will bring the owner treasures, honor, and good life.

Lai Fu - Good fortune.

Wang Cai - Good fortune.
Rui Rui - Auspicious, lucky.
Fu Gui - Rich and royal.
Da Bao - Big treasure.
Wang Wang - Auspicious, rising.
A Bao - Treasure.
A Gui - Royal.
Ge Ge - Princess.
Wang Zi - Prince.
Gong Zhu - Princess.
Gong Jue - Duke.
Guo Wang - King.

3. Chinese Dog Names Inspired By Food

Chinese young people like to connect their dog names with their life, especially their daily food. These food names bring owners delicious, hunger, and happy feelings. So everyone will like such names and feels good when calling food-themed dog names.

Bao Zi - Steamed stuffed bun.
Bu Ding - Pudding.
Nai Lao - Cheese.
Xiao Mi - Millet.
Da Mi - Rice.
Xue Gao - Frozen stick confection.
Ke Le - Cola.
Que Qi - Cookie.
Lv Cha - Green tea.
Cheng Zi - Orange.
Guo Zhi - Juice.
Guo Dong - Fruit jelly.
Ma Tuan - Fried glutinous rice balls with sesame.

4. Chinese Dog Names That Are Cute Nicknames

These cute dog names are simple and easy to pronounce, people like these names and they are often used as nicknames of babies. Since for many dog parents, dogs are the same as their own babies. These cute names bring the feeling of lovely and cute, and they good names for your adorable pups.

Mao Mao - Fluffy.

Ding Ding - The sound.
Dang Dang - The sound.
Dou Dou - Pea.
Qiu Qiu - Ball.
Dian Dian - Dot.
Qi Qi - Peculiar, special.
Ka Ka - The sound.
Yuan Yuan - Round and auspicious.
Guo Guo - Fruit.

Since each dog owner has his or her own idea, the Chinese dog names list is endless. Today many Chinese young people are choosing English names as their dog names, for instance Anna, Caesar, Amy, Tina, Lucky, and more. We cannot tell the trendy of dog names in China, but it's a very interesting thing to analysis Chinese dog names, that's enough!

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