50 Unique Female Dutch Dog Names

Netherlands is a beautiful country known for its unique scene of windmills and tulips, and excellent Dutch soccer players are also famous around the world. The Dutch are known for their creativity, famous Dutch include artist Vincent van Gogh, celebrity James Van Der Beek and soccer player Marco van Basten.

If you are looking for a female dog name of Dutch origin, you could check out our collection of 50 female Dutch dog names, they are inspired by Dutch language, culture and famous people.

Abigael: Father of joy.

Aleida: Noble maiden.
Aletta: Truth.
Alexandra: Defender of mankind.
Alida: Noble maiden.
Alyd: A Noble person.
Angelien: Angel.
Anna: Compassion, grace.
Anneliese: Anneliese van der Pol, actress.
Beatrix: Current queen regent of the Netherlands.
Carolien: Manly.
Catharina: Pure.
Christiane: Christian.
Christina: Princess Christina, sister of Queen Beatrix.
Coby: Supplanter.
Daniella: Daniella van Grass, model.
Elly: Elly Ameling, classical singer.
Eva: Life.
Famke: Famke Janssen, actress.
Gerdi: Firm spear.
Greta: Pearl.
Heleen: The bright of the light.
Helena: Light or torch.
Hennie: Home ruler.

Jantina: Jehovah's Gift.
Johanna: Grace.
Johanna: Johanna ter Steege, actress.
Juliana: Queen regent of the Netherlands.
Katrien: Pure.
Klara: Bright or clear.
Klasina: Lame.
Lara: Lara Stone, model.
Margriet: Margriet Ehlen, composer.
Marloes: Marja loes.
Merel: Black bird.
Mia: Bitter.
Monique: Monique van de Ven, actress.
Rebecca: A young woman whose beauty ensnares men.
Renee: Renee Soutendijk, actress.
Sanne: Lily.
Sara: Princess.
Saskia: A Saxon woman.
Sofie: Wisdom.
Sterre: Star.
Susanna: A Lily.
Tessa: To reap, to gather.
Theresia: Harvester.
Viona: Fair, white.
Wilhelmina: Queen regent of the Netherlands.
Xandra: Defender of mankind.

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