50 Unique Male Dutch Dog Names

Most foreigners refer to “Holland” when they mean the “Netherlands”. In fact the Netherlands is a Kingdom, consisting of 12 provinces including the provinces of North and South-Holland. The official language is Dutch. Netherlands is famous for their excellent soccer players and beautiful tulips.

When coming up to Dutch dog names, you could get inspirations from Dutch language and culture. Of course you could name your puppy after one of the famous Dutch people. Check out our collection of 50 male Dutch dog names and enjoy!

Amstel: Jan van Amstel, painter.

Andries: Warrior.
Asmus: Amiable.
Babel: Ryan Babel, soccer player.
Bart: Bart Berman, pianist.
Bergkamp: Denis Bergkamp. Soccer player.
Bloem: J.C Bloem, poet.
Caspar: Treasure master.
Cort: Able council.
Daan: God's judge.
Dekker: Erik Dekker, Olympic cycling champion.
Dirk: Dirk Kuyt, soccer player.
Edwin: Edwin van de Sar, soccer player.
Floris: Floris Arntzenius, painter.
Friso: Prince Friso, second son of Queen Beatrix.
Gerben: Spear bear.
Gerrit: Gerrit Rietveld, architect and furniture designer.
Gustaaf: Staff of the goths.

Hannes: Grace.
Harald: Warrior power.
Harber: Bright warrior.
Hein: Home.
Henrik: Home ruler.
Herman: Army man.
Hilarius: Cheerful.
Hildo: Battle sword.
Hooch: Pieter de Hooch, painter.
Hubertus: Mind bright.
Ignaas: Fiery.
Jacco: Jacco Eltingh, tennis player.
Jan: Jan van Riebeeck, explorer.
Jef: Addition.
Jelle: Ever-living.
Johannes: Johannes Vermeer, painter.
Joris: Farmer.
Karel: Manly.
Klaas: Victor of the people.
Lambert: The country's brightness.
Lieven: Beloved friend.
Marco: Marco van Basten, soccer player.
Marten: Marten Toonder, created comic series "Tom Puss".
Nistelrooy: Ruud van Nistelrooy, soccer player.
Persie: Robin van Persie, soccer player.
Rem: Rem Koolhaas, architect.
Robben: Arjen Robben, soccer player.
Roon: Marc van Roon, jazz pianist.
Ruud: Ruud Gullit, soccer player and coach.
Theo: Theo Bruins, composer.
Vincent: Vincent van Gogh, painter.
Willem: Names of three Dutch kings.

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