65 Best Havanese Dog Names And Cuban Dog Names

The Havanese is a breed of Bichon type, and it is the national dog of Cuba. "Havana Silk Dogs" was the another name of the breed. They are small in size and sturdy in structure with a tail carried over its back and ears that drop and fold. The coat is abundant, long, and silky and comes in all colors.

The Havanese has a spirited personality and a curious disposition, and is notable for its springy gait, a characteristic that distinguishes the breed from all others. The Havanese is considered an ideal family pet and a true companion dog.
If you have decided to bring a Havanese into your life, you will need to pick a name for your new puppy. Naming a Havanese can be hard, but we will help you to make the things easier. Check out the below list of 65 perfect dog names for your Havanese puppies.

Cuban-Place Themed Dog Names

The Havanese is from Cuba and they are named after Havana, which is the capital of Cuba and its largest city. If you like to emphasize the Cuban origin of the breed, you could consider choosing a Cuban-place inspired dog names.

Amancio: A town in the Las Tunas Province of Cuba.

Artemisa: A city in Cuba, formerly part of La Habana Province.
Banes: A city in the Holguin Province of Cuba. Banes means "valley" in the Taino language.
Baracoa: A city in Guantanamo Province near the eastern tip of Cuba.
Bauta: A city in the Artemisa Province of Cuba.
Bayamo: The capital city of the Granma Province of Cuba, and one of the largest cities in the Oriente region.
Clara: Villa Clara is one of the provinces of Cuba.
Guane: A town in the Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba.
Guisa: A town in the Granma Province of Cuba.
Havana: The capital city of Cuba.
Mariel: A town in the Artemisa Province of Cuba.
Marti: A Cuban town and municipality in north-eastern section of Matanzas Province.
Mella: A town in the Santiago de Cuba Province of Cuba.
Minas: A town in the Camagüey Province of Cuba.
Moa: A municipality and an industrial city in the Holguin Province of Cuba. Its name is believed to mean "water here".
Palma: La Palma is a town in the Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba.
Perico: A town in the Matanzas Province of Cuba.
Pinar: Pinar del Rio is a Cuban city, also a Cuban province.
Rodas: A town in the Cienfuegos Province of Cuba.
Sandino: A town in the Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba.
Songo: Songo – La Maya is a municipality in the Santiago de Cuba Province of Cuba.
Yara: A small town in the Granma Province of Cuba. Yara means "place" in the Taino language.
Zapata: Zapata Peninsula is a large peninsula in Matanzas Province, southern Cuba.

Cuban Popular Dog Names

Since the Havanese is the national dog of Cuba, a Cuban baby name will be suitable for the breed of dogs. There are many unique and colorful baby names that sound as spicy and tropical as the island itself. Most of these names have Spanish roots but some do not, coming from Greek or Latin roots instead. These baby names are very popular in Cuba, and they work great for a Havanese puppy.

For Female Havanese Puppies:

Zamira: From Albanian roots, its meaning is "good voice".

Aymee: Beloved friend.
Rosy: Rose.
Lora: The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.
Isa: Devoted to God.
Heidi: Noble. Also the heroine of Johanna Spyri's classic children's novel 'Heidi'.
Ella: A short form of Eleanor and Ellen, meaning "light." Also mean "beautiful fairy woman" in English.
Ely: Jehovah is God.
Yanet: A variant form of the English name Janet.
Yeny: Of Vietnamese origin, a variant transcription of the name Yen.

For Male Havanese Puppies: 

Javier: Bright.
Rafael: God has healed.
Luis: Variant of Louis, meaning "Famous fighter".
Alexis: Defender of man.
Johny: Jehovah has been gracious.
Yuniel: A popular Cuban boy name.
Rolando: Famous.
Rosel: Rose.
Yordan: Variant of Jordan which means "descend" in Hebrew.
Arian: Silver. Derived from Greek Arion, mythological magic horse born to Poseidon and Demeter.

Small Dog Names

The Havanese is small in size, and they deserve small dog names exclusively for them. The below list contains some unique small dog names that just sound cute and petite at the same time, and they are appropriate for a Havanese.

For Male Havanese Puppies:

Atom: A basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus.
Bonbon: Any of several types of sweets, especially small candies enrobed in chocolate.
Chico: A boy.
Costa: You can use this if your dog is from the coast.
Dinky: Something of small size or consequence.
Dino: Italian for Little sword.
Genie: A sort of tutelary or guardian spirit assigned to each person at their birth.
Mambo: A style of dance from Cuba.
Migo: From amigo, a friend.
Paco: Spanish for Free.
Posy: A small flower bouquet, typically given as a gift.

For Female Havanese Puppies:

Baby: The very young offspring of a human or animal.
Bambi: A white-tailed deer in Disney's animated drama film Bambi.
Chacha: Cuban dance music.
Chica: A pretty girl.
Coco: Coconut.
Dolce: Sweetie.
Fifi: A pooch of Minnie, Pluto's girlfriend.
Mimi: A dog character in Mexican comedy film Mexican comedy.
Rica: Rich.
Rumba: Cuban dance music.
Teeny: A stage of human development, also a small drink sold in Massachusetts.

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