20 Unique Italian Dog Names Inspired By Words For Colors

Are you looking for some Italian dog names for your Italian Greyhounds or Cane Corsos? Here comes some unique Italian dog names inspired by words or terms for colors in Italian. Since dog names should fit the appearance, personalities, and characteristics of your dogs, color-inspired dog names are very good ideas. For example, your black Cane Corso could be named Nero, and Bianco could be used for your white Bolognese.

Nero: Black.
Bianco: White.
Grigio: Grey.
Bigio: Grey.
Giallo: Yellow.
Marrone: Brown.
Castano: Brown eyes.

Bruno: Brown hair.
Rosolare: To brown, usually refers to food.
Arancione: Orange.
Rosso: Red-haired.
Porpora: Crimson.
Azzurro: Light blue, sky blue, azure.
Celeste: Baby blue
Verde: Green, unleaded, unripe.
Verdino: Pale green.
Verdone: Hot green
Rosa: pink.
Rosino: Pale pink.
Viola: Purple.

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