13 Unique French Dog Names Inspired By Words For Colors

Since the name of your dog should fit the appearance and characteristics, coat-color is a very important option to consider when coming up to dog names. If you like short and unique dog names, you may be interested in this list of french dog names. These names come from words for colors in French, of course they will make great French dog names for your French Bulldogs, Poodles, or Brittanys. Check out the below list and name your boy or girl French-origin puppies by color.

Noir: French for Black.
Blanc: French for White.
Jaune: French for Yellow.
Marron: French for Brown.
Brun: French for Brown.

Gris: French for Gray.
Clair: French for Light.
Fonce: French for Dark.
Rouge: French for Red.
Bleu: French for Blue.
Vert: French for Green.
Mauve: French for Purple.
Rose: French for Pink.

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