15 Unique and Fun French Dog Names

French is the language of love and romance, and it is a great source for dog names. French breeds dog names deserve French dog names. This short list of 15 unique French dog names are so fun that you will surely love them.

Ame: French for Beloved.

Andre: French for "Male Warrior."
Aubin: French for White.
Baldoin: French for "Brave Friend."
Brie: A soft cow's milk cheese originated in the French origin Brie.
Esme: Esteemed or Loved.
Felicite: Means Happy or Lucky.
Fleur: French for Flower.
Franc: Means French.
Horace: Means "Has Good Eyesight."
Leon: French for Lion, a perfect name for a Pomeranian or Chow Chow.
Marvel: French for "to wonder or admire."
Pascal: Born on Easter.
Percevel: One of King Author’s Knights, described as "pure and innocent."
Vivien: Means "Alive, Animated, Lively."

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